A listener has blessed us with PDF transcripts of our FOJC radio Remnant Gatherings and Midnight Ride programs.  I will be adding to the list as I receive them. Just click on title and Click on title again on new page.

FOJC Radio Remnant Gatherings Summaries

Midnight Ride Summaries

“New Word For Word Transcripts”

We have had transcripts on our website for some time now. These are not verbatim transcriptions, but more like summaries or even study guides for some of our shows. For instance, they may include illustrations, Wikipedia definitions of things, and wording giving an idea of what is being taught about on the show. They are by no means word-for-word type transcriptions. Our transcriptions are giving word-for-word what things were said (or sung) on the shows.  Please be patient as we post the ones we have chosen that are most important to our ministry, but if you do have a request, please email us.  Thanks to, Michele Michael, one of our listeners for all her hard work.

“Coming Soon Transcripts of these Series”

Index to Words, Names, & Scriptures in Transcripts


FOJC Radio – Creation Record Series

FOJC Radio – Structure of the Satanic Kingdom

  • 521 – Structure of the Satanic Kingdom – David Carrico – 2-25-2022
  • 522 – The Celestial Beings – David Carrico – 3-4-2022
  • 523 – Ophannin and Fallen Angels – David Carrico – 3-11-2022
  • 524 – The Black Cherubim – with David Carrico – 3-18-2022
  • 525 – Devils and Fallen Angels – David Carrico – 4-1-2022
  • 526 – Lucifer – Spawn Of Hell - with David Carrico 4-8-2022
  • 528 – Gibborim Kings of the Underworld – David Carrico 4-22-2022