‘NEWS’  Monthly FOJC PRAYER-A-THON – Is Changing Its Name to:  
Throne Room Petitions
Now on the Last Monday Of Every Month at 4:00 PM on Underground Church FOJC

We collect Prayer Requests from those emailed to Aundreya  and also from the YT Chat on the day of the Throne Room Petitions.  Each month we have a variety of members of our Remnant Family who come together in our apartment and take turns in our office because they  want to pray for your ‘Throne Room Petitions’  Link to Previous Throne Room Petitions / PRAYER-A-THONS


Philippians 4:6
(6)  Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

We can read more about ‘petitions’ in the story of Ester, and we can see the importance of someone interceding or lifting up prayers for our concerns to our God.

1Samuel 1:27
(27)  For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him:

The word ‘Petitions’ means: H7596 ….. sheh-ay-law’, shay-law’
From H7592; a petition; by implication a loan: – loan, petition, request.

Monday – July 29th, 2024 ‘Throne Room Petitions’

Sorry, with Donna coming home we need some time to change and Recoup things in our home, but please continue to send your Throne Room Petitions FOJCThroneRoomPetitions@gmail.com and we will save them for next month.  If your requests are URGENT,  please send to our Prayer Team – fojcprayerteam@gmail.com

4:00 PM on Underground Church FOJC


‘Throne Room Petitions’  Are Now being Accepted by Aundreya & Sam Garcia and MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE 1:00 PM CDT on the Day of our LIVE on air ‘Throne Room Petitions’ broadcast. 

Please send your brief 30 word Request to:



If requests are late, I will pray over them and pass on to our prayer team and keep for next month, and try to mention on Friday night program.

Please KEEP YOUR REQUESTS BRIEF and TARGETED.   We have limited Your ‘Throne Room Petitions’ to Words to 30, so that we can process as many prayers as possible from our thousands of listeners.   Please put some breaks/spaces (not one long paragraph) as it makes emails hard to read.  

OR you may POST YOUR PRAYER REQUEST FOR ‘Throne Room Petitions’ in the LIVE CHAT FEATURE during our Monthly ‘Throne Room Petitions’ Live Stream on YouTube UNDERGROUNDCHURCH FOJC

You can send your ‘Throne Room Petitions’ Now and we will save them to be read on the upcoming one. We will NOT share Contact info of Your last name, or the person mentioned in your request publicly.