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The Baptism and Agape Love Feast –   This event was a Success and a great time of fellowship was enjoyed.  Watch this page as I edit and add Photos. 

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Event Over and Registrations CLOSED NOW 

Baptism and Agape Love Feast  was  Sunday, March 31st Starts at 3 PM CST (Set Up at 2 PM) 

This event was a Success and a great time of fellowship was enjoyed.  Watch this page as I edit and add Photos.  If you have any comments or Photos, please Email them to me.  Put RESPONSE or PHOTOS in subject line.

The Hall (link with City Map) (15 min South of the Puritan Barn in Tell City)
331 Main Street
Tell City, IN 47586
There is a Lot on the Left for parking and also Street parking.  There is a Ramp into the building (located on the right side of building) and large bathrooms.  Watch for Banner and Signs.
If you are interested in the History of the facility, It is the oldest building in Tell City, but has been remodeled several times.  We are blessed that we can Rent The Hall.

We love and appreciate you all and would love to meet you all in person, but realize that is impossible.  We are trying to find a local place that holds more people, but that is not easy, especially in finding enough people to help get all the details lined up.  We are focusing on providing a place for those who want to be Baptized this time. There will be other meetings as God provides the places.

If you are unable to attend this event, please check our Remnant Locations page to find other listeners who may be willing to baptize you closer to your home.
Many listeners are contacting us and asking to be baptized for different reasons.

If you are planning to attend, The following is INFORMATION FOR THIS EVENT:

  1. Everyone who attends must be registered.
  2. Bring your Own Towel and a Change of Clothes for Baptism (Please dress in a Godly manner for your Baptism)
  3. No pets allowed (except for Certified Service animals).
  4. You are Responsible for your Lodging and Transportation (Hotels & Campgrounds listed below).
  5. No Child care available. You are responsible for your own children and whatever toys you bring. (no Outside place to play)  
  6. Love Feast Food Choices (Only Biblical Clean Food) will be listed on the Registration Form below.
  7. Your Love Feast food is to be shared with all who attend, so please prepare with that in mind. 
    If you are able, you may offer extra food or items are much appreciated.
    If you cannot afford to give Agape Love Feast Food offering, please let us know in advance.
  8. Agape Love Feast Food Choices are listed on Registration Form.
  9. Food Containers should be marked with your name/phone number, etc.
  10. Bring serving spoons (if needed for your Love Feast item) should also be marked with your name/phone number, etc. 
  11. We will provide Dining Trays, Napkins, Utensils, Cups, Coffee, Water, Salt & Pepper, Condiments, Sugar, and Sweetener.
  12. Please notify in advance any possible Medical Conditions we need to be aware of to:
  13. lastdayschurch@cs.com


If Your Registration is accepted, Please provide us with your Emergency Contact Information if you have any Medical conditions we should be aware of, or if participating in the Baptism or any of the Activities of our Baptism and Agape Love Feast could cause a life threatening medical condition or harm you, or anyone in your group, such as Heart-attack, etc. Please email details to us: lastdayschurch@cs.com and please put Emergency in the Subject Line. This info will be kept private in our files in the FOJC Office and will only be divulged in a true Emergency. Thanks
Limited Attendance of 150 – The Registrations will be in the order we receive them. Bro. David wants those who want to be Baptized to Click on this link to listen to his teaching explaining Baptism. We will have a Last Call Waiting List for those who can Replace those who cancel at the last minute.
If after you have Registered, you are unable to attend this event, please let us know if you have to cancel, even at the last minute, because we will have a list of others to replace your Registration.
Here are some links to Local Hotels in the area and there should also be many Camping facilities in this area as well. We will be contacting Hotels in this area and will try to get a Discount for Attendees, so watch here for that information. 

CAMPGROUND INFORMATION (Map of Campground Locations)

Map to Barn and Carrico’s apartment, but all visitors Must be Scheduled or Invited.

Agape, in the New Testament, the fatherly love of God for humans, as well as the human reciprocal love for God. In Scripture, the transcendent agape love is the highest form of love and is contrasted with eros, or erotic love, and philia, or brotherly love.  Agape is the word used for the love that moved God to send his only son for the world’s redemption. The term necessarily extends to the love of one’s fellow humans, as the reciprocal love between God and humans is made manifest in one’s unselfish love of others.   The Church Fathers used agape to designate both a rite (using bread and wine) and a meal of fellowship to which the poor were invited (Jude 1:12). The historical relationship between the agape rite, the Lord’s Supper, and the Eucharist is still uncertain. Some scholars believe the agape was a form of the Lord’s Supper and the Eucharist the sacramental aspect of that celebration. Others interpret agape as referring to a fellowship meal held in imitation of gatherings attended by Jesus and his disciples; the Eucharist is believed to have been joined to this meal later but eventually to have become totally separated from it.