These Audio files were created to minister to survivors of many types of abuse. However, most people will benefit from what I share. Since I am a survivor, a victor, that has suffered several different types of abuse, I offer my compassion and learning experiences along with sharing my music to help facilitate healing.  I cannot share my music on You Tube because of the copyright rules.  I have never, nor plan to accept any financial gifts for what Jesus has given to me free.

Many times I meet a survivor who has so much to offer in offering ways of healing. This You Tube Channel is one of those who has so much to offer. I pray her videos will help in your understanding and healing. ForgetMeNot

A few of these Audio files were presented at different conferences and other functions. I pray they will be a blessing to you and help you to move forward in your walk with the Lord.  Please be sure that you are Born Again because you need the strength and wisdom from the Lord to help you heal.  Your Servant in Jesus,  Sister Donna Carrico

1 – R A & H – Intro & Salvation 01-07-13
2 – R A & H Dealing with Your Hurts 02-11-13
3 – R A & H – Fixing What Is Broken 07-10-13
4 – RA & H – Identity Theft – 4-5-15
5 – RA & H – Open Doors – 10-04-15
6 – RA & H – Trust & Forgiveness  – 12-30-2016
How to Have Peace in Your Life – Sister Donna – Oldie 12-25-2011
Making a Safe Place (2009 Donna Ohio Conference)
Veterans and Healing – Sister Donna (S – 7 TPTR – 01-15-2012)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month since 1983

We hear so little about it in the media, and they have even changed the name in some ads, but it has really never changed. Here is a link to some eye opening statistics. Thanks for caring and praying for those of us who are survivors of child abuse.