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TR 1 IMMORALS AND DOGMA – Shows the beliefs of the most famous Mason of all time, Albert Pike. Includes Scriptures for Repentance.

TR 2 – GOD LOVES YOU  – Repent and Believe the Gospel – Salvation tract.

TR 3 – FREEMASONRY AND SATANISM – Info about an honored Freemason Aleister Crowley and Author of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey.

TR 4 – PAGAN ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS & THE  REAL TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS – Jesus is NOT the Reason for the season as we will prove on this page.
Origin of Christmas

TR 5 – WHY A CHRISTIAN CAN’T BE A FREEMASON IF HE KNOWS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE LODGE  – $1.00 ea.  compares Christian beliefs with Masonry’s rituals

TR 6 –  THE HEART OF FREEMASONRY-WHO IS HIRAM ABIFF? shows connections to Kundalini, Osiris

TR 7 –  WHAT IS HALLOWEEN?  What is the truth about Halloween?  What do the symbols we see really mean? Click on the title to get printable PDF file.

TR 8 – THE TRANSFER OF SPIRITS AND THE MASONIC FUNERAL SERVICE Are all Masons demonized?  What can happen when you are present at a Masons death.

TR 9 – THE VALLEY OF DECISION This is a more comprehensive tract covering the Two major decisions of your life:  Believing in Jesus as your Lord and Savior and Believing what Jesus said about His return.

TR 10 MAJOR SIGNS OF A CULT AND WHY APOLOGETICS What do we need to look out for and why should we know how to defend our faith.

TR 11 –  JEWS AND G_D AND FREEMASONRY  This tract was written to witness to Jews about the dangers of Freemasonry.

TR 12 – DELIVERANCE FROM THE DEMONIC BONDAGE AND CURSE OF FREEMASONRY Many people are affected by their membership in the Masonic organizations.  How to get deliverance is offered in this tract.  DVD also available

There are 945 million Roman Catholics in the world. We are concerned about their souls.
BS 23-The Truth About the Roman Catholic Church

TR 14 – What’s Wrong with Freemasonry? A small tract that offers simple truths.