The beliefs and work of Followers of Jesus Christ consist of spiritual and religious studies in nature. The quotes on our site are carefully documented and we usually have the actual source documents in our library. Followers of Jesus Christ does not promote or advocate violence, hate or any form of illegal activity.


We now offer Podcasts of several years of Audio Teachings .

Biblical Doctrines / Apologetics

We offer studies in basic Biblical Doctrines and Apologetics that enable any Christian to know how to defend their own faith.  All Christians need to know what the Bible teaches so they won’t be swayed by false doctrines.

Revivals with Preaching, Teaching, Worship and Special Music

David is a very anointed, dynamic, gifted speaker and loves to teach and preach the Word of God in order to win the lost and encourage Christians to live a life fully dedicated to God. We have all types of music on CD’s available for worship and praise services along with Donna’s anointed special music ministry.

Seminars/Conferences/Radio Interviews on Cults such as Freemasonry, Mormons, Christian Science, Scientology, etc.

David can speak on a variety of cults and is well versed on documenting their beliefs that contradict Christianity.  He can focus on one cult at a time or do a general overview on things that constitute the Marks of Cult.  He has been interviewed on Christian, Short Wave, and Secular Radio Stations, and T.V. including the 700 Club and others.

Personal Ministry/Deliverance

We offer personal ministry and deliverance to anyone who sincerely wants to be set free in Jesus.  We do not hold any degrees in counseling, however, we have had over 20 years of experience in dealing with survivors of SRA and many other forms of ritual abuse.  We have contact with many therapists, counselors that we use for referrals.  Check out our resource list for our ministry handbook, Gilead’s Balm, a healing workbook for anyone who is interested in being set free through Jesus Christ.

Resources for Ministry to Others

We have a large selection of VCR Videos from past conferences and many Bible studies and conferences and radio interviews.  We have also written several Books and Tracts about Freemasonry.
We offer two books that are great tools for anyone who wants to minister to Freemasons, Christian Worker’s Handbook for Ministry to Masons, and Gilead’s Balm-Seven Steps to Victory Through Jesus Christ, for survivors of abuse and anyone who wants to be set free through Jesus.