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DVD 1 – $15.00 SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE AND SECRET SOCIETIES – By David Carrico – includes facts about the law, case histories, and False Memory Syndrome and connections with other occult orders. (Ask for Audio tape of this video if preferred)

DVD 2 – $15.00 BRO. JOHN THOMAS PROGRAM (1hr.) HOUSTON, TEXAS – INTERVIEW WITH DAVID CARRICO –Discussing Freemasonry and Satanism / Donna special music

DVD 3 – $15.00 STORMING THE WATCHTOWER – informative video about the history of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and its leaders. A must for witnessing to them.

DVD 6  – $15.00 – 1996 – Mary Jo Schneller -Sword of the Spirit of Truth Ministries, Licensed Pastoral Counselor reveals methods of programming and discusses the trauma of ritual abuse. A survivor also gives her testimony. For more information about programming contact Mary Jo Schneller at: texexl@aol.com

DVD 8 – $15.00 Kathy Martin–Institute for Personal Growth, Pastoral Counselor – 1996 –  shares her methods of counseling and the connection between Freemasonry and ritual abuse. She also dealt with counselor “burn out”. (We are sad to tell you that Kathy is now deceased)” Kathy Martin–Institute for Personal Growth, Pastoral Counselor shares her methods of counseling and the connection between Freemasonry and ritual abuse. She also dealt with counselor “burn out”. (We are sad to tell you that Kathy is now deceased)

DVD 10 – $15.00 GOD CAN HEAL YOUR HURTS – Rhonda Wolf & Donna Carrico – Testimonies about ritual abuse and healing. 1997 – 2nd Annual Conference SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE AND SECRET SOCIETIES

DVD 11 – $15.00 THE MASONIC CONCEPT OF GOD by David Carrico at the 1997 Leadership Conference for Ministry to Masons. Is the god of Freemasonry the same as our Christian God?

DVD 12 – $15.00 FREEMASONRY-THE WELL-SPRING OF PAGANISM by David Carrico 1998 Ministry to Masons Conference – Historically many groups and false religions have been spawned by connections to Freemasonry

DVD 13 – $15.00 DOES MASONIC LITERATURE SPEAK OF SALVATION? by David Carrico 1999 Ministry to Masons Conference -Who is the savior of Freemasonry? What do they teach about why we can go to heaven?

DVD 14 – $15.00  GREEK FRATERNITIES AND THEIR CONNECTION TO FREEMASONRY AND THEIR IMPACT ON CHURCH AND SOCIETY by David Carrico 2000 Ministry to Masons Conference We also have a Book with updated documentation available.

DVD 15 – $15.00 – The Spirit Behind Freemasonry – 2002 MTM – What Spirit motivates Freemasonry?, and the tenets of such a spirit?

DVD 16 – $15.00 DEFEATING DEMONIC SPIRITS AND CURSES OF FREEMASONRY 2003 Ministry to Masons Conference – Are you a former member of Freemasonry or do you or your family have members that are Freemasons? How you can overcome and be free from the spirits and curses of Freemasonry.

DVD 17 – $15.00 – OTHER FRATERNAL  ORGANIZATIONS  Ephesians 5:11 Ministry – What do organizations such as the Elks, Moose, etc. have in common with Freemasonry?

DVD 19 – $10.00 – DEBATE: IS FREEMASONRY COMPATIBLE WITH CHRISTIANITY? 2004 MTM – Prince Hall Grand Master Woods and 2 MTM debators discuss this controversial subject.  This was a historical event as no public debate has took place since the John Ankerberg programs several years ago.

DVD 20 – $15.00 – THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH – David presents the truth in love.   As we near the return of Christ we are compelled to clearly and boldly point people to Jesus Christ and the Bible as the only way of salvation and spiritual truth.  There are 945 million Roman Catholics in the world. We are concerned about their souls. This video presents the truth about Peter and many other Catholic beliefs.  Other articles concerning Catholics

DVD 21 – $15.00 – Is Christianity the Only True Religion? – Presentation by David Carrico at the 2006 Ministry To Masons Conference at Asbury Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky – Hard hitting facts that prove that Jesus is the Messiah who was prophesied to come. A great presentation to give to skeptics. When Christianity comes under attack Christians should not run from the controversy, but be eager for the opportunity to witness for the truth of Jesus and the Scriptures. This DVD will give you the facts that you need to know to defend Christianity against the onslaught of Satanic attack.

DVD 22 – $15.00 – Scientology –Presentation by David Carrico at the 2006 Ministry To Masons Conference at Asbury Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky – What is Scientology? Who are some of its members? What does it involve? How is it incompatible with Christianity? The history and doctrines of Hollywood’s favorite religion thoroughly exposed.

DVD 23 – $15.00 – The Most Evil Thing in the World – Presentation by David Carrico at the 2006 Ministry To Masons Conference at Asbury Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky – The most evil thing in the world like Satan himself would have to present itself as good and benign. Decide for yourself if Freemasonry fits this description. This video exposes the sexual meaning behind Freemasonry’s icons. Facts every Christian should know.

DVD 24 – $10.00 – Dark Covenant – Secret of Secrets – Jon Pounders from NYSTV did and excellent job of exposing Abuse and the Current Affair Video from the Blue House Case in Evansville, Indiana that we worked to try to expose in the 1990’s.

DVD 25 – Lucifer the Son Of Satan- The Nephilim King- David Carrico- Exposing Darkness Prophecy Conference – still looking fot this video.  If you have a copy, please Contact us.

DVD 26 – $15.00 – Ruling Principalities over Evansville, IN – David Carrico at NYSTV 2016 Exposing Darkness Conference.  What things may be the reason for SRA in this area?

DVD 27 – $15.00 – Multiplicity Disorder/DID – Sister Donna Carrico – Interviewed by Jon Pounders & John Hall – Aired Aug. 5, 2016 formerly called Split For a Dark Purpose.  What is MPD/DID and how does it happen? Is there a way God can Heal a person with this disorder?

V4 – $30.00 (2 tapes) SECRET DOCTRINE OF THE MASONIC LODGE? by Larry Kunk – What does it teach about Christ? Are Freemasons involved with the occult?

V5 – $15.00  David Carrico – 1993 KNOXVILLE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE ON MINISTRY TO MASONS – Masonry and the worship of Lucifer



V10 – $10.00 2nd Annual Conference SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE AND SECRET SOCIETIES, St. Louis( tapes available: Mary Jo Schneller, David Carrico, Ralph Epperson,  Please designate which speaker’s tape you wish to purchase.

V15 – $10.00 THE SPIRIT BEHIND FREEMASONRY – David Carrico – 2002 Ministry to Masons Conference

V18 – $10.00 – SYMBOLISM & FREEMASONRY – David Carrico – 2004 MTM Conference

Videos From Past Leadership Ministry to Masons Conferences

There are several speakers including David Carrico on these lists. Please call or write to request these lists & prices.

These tapes are available through Ephesus Productions, P. O. Box 64, Fishers, Indiana 46038, or at www.ephesians5-11.org

1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 Indianapolis, Indiana (Cassette tapes available from Ephesus Productions)

1995 Atlanta. Georgia (Cassette tapes available from us)

1994 St. Louis, Missouri (Cassette Tapes available from us)

1993 Knoxville, Tennessee (Cassette Tapes available from us)

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