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“New Resources Available” 

Creation Record Series

We have completed the, Audio only, 7 CD set, of the Creation Record Series we recently broadcast on the FOJC Radio Remnant Gathering. The subjects in this Creation Record Series include:

  • 513 – FOJC Radio – Truth About Creation – David Carrico – 12-31-2021
  • 514 – FOJC Radio – Pre-Adamite World and World To Come – David Carrico – 1-7-2022
  • 515 – FOJC Radio – Pre-Adamite Monsters – David Carrico – 1-14-2022
  • 516 – FOJC Radio – Six Days OF Re-Creation – David Carrico – 1-21-2022
  • 517 – FOJC Radio – Two Creations Weeks In Jubilees – David Carrico – 1-28-2022
  • 518 – FOJC Radio – Father Of Cain – with David Carrico – 2-4-2022
  • 519 – FOJC Radio – Mysteries Of Eden – David Carrico – 2-11-2022

To cover production costs, We are asking for a suggested Love Gift of $50.00 for 7 CDs Or if you prefer a single Flash drive that could only be played on a computer, with all 7 teachings on one Flash Drive, a suggested $35.00 Love Gift, with Shipping and Handling included for your choice of venue.

In order to get these teachings onto CDs, We have sometimes edited out the Prayer section at the first, and often the Web Site Commercial in the middle, but have included Donna’s much requested music as is always on our FOJC Pod Casts Page, and on our Brighteon channel. Many of our listeners are concerned about the Internet possibly not being available in these End Times we are living in, and they want hard copies so they can review, or share with their friends and relatives who need to hear the truths from God’s Word we offer.

You may order this New Resource – Creation Record Series.  You can go to our Web Site at www.FOJCradio.com and use Contact page form, or by leaving a Phone message with your name, phone number, and address, or sending an Email to – Lastdayschurch@cs.com. Please put “ORDER CRSCD (for 7 CDs) or CRSFD (for 1 FlashDrive)” in the Subject line.

Structure of the Satanic Kingdom Series

We have completed the, Audio only, Structure of the Satanic Kingdom Series, recently broadcast on the FOJC Radio Remnant Gathering. These Teachings consist of the following topics:

  • 521 – FOJC Radio – Structure of the Satanic Kingdom – David Carrico – 2-25-2022
  • 522 – FOJC Radio – The Celestial Beings – David Carrico – 3-4-2022
  • 523 – FOJC Radio – Ophannin and Fallen Angels – David Carrico – 3-11-2022
  • 524 – FOJC Radio – The Black Cherubim – with David Carrico – 3-18-2022
  • 525 – FOJC Radio – Devils and Fallen Angels – David Carrico – 4-1-2022
  • 526 – FOJC Radio – Lucifer – Spawn Of Hell - with David Carrico 4-8-2022
  • 528 – FOJC Radio – Gibborim Kings of the Underworld – David Carrico 4-22-2022

To cover production costs, We are asking for a suggested Love Gift of $50.00 for 7 CDs Or if you prefer a single Flash drive that could only be played on a computer, with all 7 teachings on one Flash Drive, a suggested $35.00 Love Gift, with Shipping and Handling included for your choice of venue.

In order to get these teachings onto CDs, We have sometimes edited out the Prayer section at the first, and often the Web Site Commercial in the middle, but have included Donna’s much requested music as is always on our FOJC Pod Casts Page, and on our Brighteon channel. Many of our listeners are concerned about the Internet possibly not being available in these End Times we are living in, and they want hard copies so they can review, or share with their friends and relatives who need to hear the truths from God’s Word we offer.

You may order this New Resource – Structure of the Satanic Kingdom Series, You can go to our Web Site at www.FOJCradio.com and use Contact page form, or by leaving a Phone message with your name, phone number, and address, or sending an Email to – Lastdayschurch@cs.com. Please put “ORDER SSKCD (for 7 CDs) or SSKFD (for 1 FlashDrive)” in the Subject line.

We  now have an Index to help you find a Scripture or word in these new Series.

C24 – $ 5.00 CD – THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTMAS  12/1/1991 – What is the truth about Christmas and all the traditions that go with it?  Your Christmas will never be the same after you listen to this tape.

The Series titled, “The Underground Church” will consist of foundational teachings on CD that every Remnant believer needs.  These teachings will also help you to understand the times we are living in, and to encourage you stand firm.  These are not on our Archives, but are still available.

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

John 3:8

New “Underground  Church” CDs only

UC 1 – Justification by Faith – 6/22/2008 – The truth is always found in simplicity and error is found in complexity.  Justification means forgiveness and humbleness.  God is both just and the justifier.

UC 2 – Identity of the Great Multitude – 7/10/2008 –  The Bible speaks about the great multitude.  It is numbered and un-numbered.  It has to do with God’s promise to Abraham.  It also confirms the restoration of Israel.

UC 3 – Judge Not – 7/14/2008 – We are not to judge what we don’t really know, or what is God’s place to judge.  Often we are just as guilty as those we are judging.  Most Christians cannot discern good from evil properly.

UC 4 – The Trinity or Godhead – 8/14/2008 – The word “trinity” is not in the Bible.  There are Three in one and One in three – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  If Christians would understand the trinity, the New World Order and the One World religion would fail.

UC 5 – The Evil Eye – 8/26/08 – Bible prosperity and the desire to be rich is two different things.  The word of God commands us not to work to be rich.

UC 6 – The Man Christ Jesus – 9/8/2008 – Jesus is God.  Jesus was fully God and fully man.  If you understand the doctrine of the virgin birth you will not be fooled.  How did Jesus do His miracles?  Warning about the Image in Rev. 13.

UC 7 – Three Beasts in Revelation
 – Part 1 – 9/21/2008 – The way to really understand the Bible is precept on precept.  Satan is the first beast, the red dragon.  Heads and horns explained.

UC 8 – Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 2 – 10/5/2008 – The horns, such as secret societies, are the power behind the visible power.  The beasts want to take the glory that belongs to Jesus.

UC 9 – Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 3 – 10/12/2008 – The death of Nimrod was the beginning of the mystery religions.  Magic and idolatry came into this world together.  Freemasonry claims Nimrod as their grand master.

UC 10 – Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 4 – 10/27/2008 – The remnant is the new nation.  Blasphemy was committed in three ways; by the name, the tabernacle, and them that dwell in Heaven.  The dying god revealed.

 UC 11 – Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 5 – 10/28/2008 – What will the Image be?  The same as it has been in the mystery religions.  What is the seed of the Bride and the seed of the Whore?

UC 12– Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 6 – 11/12/2008 – What did the rulers have in common?  All claimed to be the dying god.  John rebuked because he almost fell for the deception.

UC 13 – Three Beasts in Revelation – Part 7 – 11/17/2008 – Third Beast had no crowns.  He will be the destroyer, the final world power.

UC 14 – The Coming War in Israel – 11/22/2008 – The Next prophetic event will happen soon.  Has the judgment of Damaskas been fulfilled yet?  NO!  This war will devastate Israel leading to the end-time covenant with Death and Hell.

 UC 15 – Blowing the Wrong Horn – 12/9/2008 – Who is the wrong horn?  The little horn in Daniel 7 and 8 are not the same.  Alexander the Great had supernatural help.  Where will the False Prophet leader come from?

 UC 16 – The Willful King – 12/9/2008 – Exposing the transition between prophecy that is fulfilled to prophecy that is yet to be fulfilled.  The purging of Israel will bring forth a Godly remnant.


 UC 17 – Prophetic Dream – The Coming Darkness – 11/30/2008 – Donna Carrico tells the prophetic dream and explains the meaning and importance to both believers and non-believers.  A PDF file with the dream text and Scripture print out included.  This dream will be further expounded in the next few teachings by David Carrico.

 UC 18 – The Coming Darkness Intro – 12/14/2008 – The two horns and the willful king are different.  Who is the restrainer and what is he restraining?  The False Prophet will blame Christian fundamentalists and say that all ways lead to God.


To help you understand the next 4 teachings you should Click Here for PDF of SEAL CHARTS

UC 19 – Secret of the Seals – 1/3/2009 – According to Daniel a part of the revelation about the end times is sealed.  Compare to the Beasts in Daniel 9, the Birth Pangs in Matthew 24, and the Seals in Revelation 6.

 UC 20 – Seals Compared – 1/11/2009 – What were the four empires and their relationship with Israel?  The pale horse is revealed as Islam.  When the new covenant is signed they will reject Jesus as a true holder of the keys of Death and Hell.

 UC 21 – The Two Harvests Seals 5 & 6 – 1/24/2009 – God’s wrath will be revealed, but it will also be a time of great soul saving as the gospel of the kingdom will be preached and we endure to the end.  The house ministry will enable the harvest of souls.

 UC 22 – The End of the Seals – 2/9/2009 – Great tribulation will not run the whole 70th week of Daniel.  The purpose of the seals is to reveal the second half of Daniel’s 70th week.  Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies and that will cause desolation.  The trumpets are a fulfillment of Ex. 15:26.

 UC 23 – The Closed Doors Part 1 – 2/28/2009 – There are 3 closed doors in Scripture.  The enemy of the Beast will be the ones who do not recognize Jesus as the only way of salvation.  The Lord opens doors and shuts them.

 UC 24 – Closed Doors Part 2 – 3/11/2009 – The church was spared and told to leave the city in history.  The ten virgins story explained fully.

 UC 25 – Keys of the Kingdom – 3/23/2009 – Jesus told Peter He was giving him the keys of the kingdom or the storehouse.  What does this mean?

UC 26 – Apostle Paul’s Revelation on Mount Sinai – 4/5/2009 – Before conversion Paul was learned in the teachings of the law.  After conversion he was taught by revelation of Jesus Christ.  He went back to where Moses received revelation from God.

UC 27 – Joy for the Journey – 4/12/2009 – We are told to endure to the end, but we must have joy.  What is real joy and how do you get it?  There is no joy outside of obedience to Jesus.

UC 28 – Jesus or Joshua – Who’s the Captain? – 4/24/2009 – Modern translations have made drastic changes in several texts.  Error is random, but is used to cover up the truth.  Acts 7:45 and other passages examined exposing theses errors.

UC 29 – The Seat of the Beast Part 1 – 5/28/2009 – The Ark on earth was a pattern of the heavenly ark and mercy seat.  Cherubs could not see the broken law inside the ark because of the blood on the mercy seat.

UC 30 – The Seat of the Beast Part 2 – 5/28/2009 – Pergamos was Satan’s seat and where the ark was.  What connection do the Knights Templar have with the ark of the covenant?

UC 31 – The Seat of the Beast Part 3 – 5/31/2009 – Luciferian Freemasons may have the ark of the covenant.  What is the caduceus and where will the seat of the image of jealousy be located?

UC 32 – Escape of Rahab – 6/6/2009 – Why did God bring judgment and drive the nations out?  Why is Rahab the harlots name on the list of the faithful in Hebrews chapter 11?

UC 33 – Defining Jesus  – 7/5/2009 – God loves the world, but unbelief is condemned.  Many people say they believe in Jesus, but the Jesus they believe in is not the only begotten Son of God.

UC 34 – Christ Crucified For Us, With Us, In Us – 7/13/2009 – We need to know Jesus and Him Crucified as the Apostle Paul proclaimed.

UC 36 – Christ Crucified Continued – 8/3/2009 – Put off the old man.  The Holy Spirit will show you what is not pleasing and then you repent.   Accept Christ and die to sin.

UC 35 – The Early Church – 7/18/2009 – The early church functioned through much tribulation.  They ordained elders and deacons.  They knew who labored among them.

UC 37 – Satan is a Seraphim – 8/9/2009 – Satan, Lucifer, King of Tyrus, and the Assyrian are four separate beings.  What is the difference between seraphims and cherubs?

UC 38 – Who is Lucifer and his father? – 8/24/2009 – Lucifer was never an angel.  Satan and Lucifer are not the same.  Lucifer’s father is named in the Bible.

UC 39 – Judas and the Strong Delusion – 9/14/2009 – Judas did the things like the other apostles did by the power of the devil.  This is and will be the strong delusion.

 UC 40 – Double Possession of Judas – 9/20/2009 – Satan entered into Judas twice, before preparation and place of the Passover meal and at the Passover meal.  He exalted himself as equal to Jesus and there was a definite reason for this act.

UC 41 – Prophetic Patterns Review – 10/15/2009 – Prophetic events that show the worship of the American President as God.  If the Lord comes back in our lifetime, the United States will be the reigning power.  Where are we in the end-times right now?

UC 42 – Gifts of the Spirit and the 5 – Fold Church
 – 10/21/20909 – God wants blending of the gifts, not competition of offices.  Gifts and Offices are not the same and often get confused.  If you do not have your minds set together in unity, you will never get past the individual anointing to move into the corporate anointing.

UC 43 – Jesus is the Head of the Church – 10/26/2009 – What does it mean for Jesus to be Head of the church?  We need to be taught of God so Jesus can really teach the church.  What are the characteristics of a true prophet?

UC 44 – Offices in the Church – 10/31/2009 – The gifts of the Spirit is the energy of the church, while the fruit of the Spirit is the oil for the engine.  The offices of the Church help keep the Church in order so the gifts can work properly.  What is the truth about women and silence?  What about speaking in tongues?

UC 45 – Job Intro – 11/15/2009 – Job is the oldest book in the Bible written before the flood of Noah and when Adam was still alive.  The purpose of Job is to show us how to live in the time of tribulation, showing and example for the remnant.

UC 46 – What Job Feared and the Doctrine of Devils – 11/21/2009 – God is going to purify the remnant so He will know we love Him.  We choose what we believe and what we are afraid of.  There is no true love for God that does not express itself in obedience.  Satan does not want you to be afraid of God.  He will manipulate you with fear.

UC 47 – Job & 3 Remnant Examples – 12/29/2009 – Noah, Daniel, and Job showed future revelations, preparation and faith.  God’s problem with Job’s friends was against the ones who were not lifting up God.

UC 48 – Job & How to survive Fiery trial, Tribulation, and Suffering – Now is the time for us to use our faith.  We need to be able to hear from God.  John Wesley was a great example of dealing with these issues.  He said, “People not being sure of their salvation was the strong delusion.

UC 49 – Job & The Gift of Miracles – 1/22/2010 – The devil always imbeds truth in the lie.  How did Jesus do His miracles?  God wants us to ask of Him and we can command Him in the right circumstances.

UC 51 – Job & Healing – 2/5/2010 – Charles Price said, “Have the Faith of God”.  We need to fully understand what this means.  We operate in the realm of devils if we use our own will and not the faith that God imparts.

UC 52 – 4 Levels of Prayer – 2/12/2010 – Everyone has a measure of faith in order to get saved.  All gifts of the Spirit come from a direct word from God.  We cannot make faith a condition of the mind when it is divinely imparted.

UC 50 – Sifted and Spirit of Offense – 1/29/2010 – Sister Kathy Schaefer – To sift means to be put through a straining device and examined carefully.  We must be sifted to be mature in the Lord.  We need to choose to grow and not become offended.

UC 53 – Perilous Times – Sister Kathy Schaefer – 2/19/2010 – We need to heed the warning in 2 Timothy, chapter 3.  We can see these things are happening now.  We have to partake in the suffering of Jesus.  Sin is everywhere and we need to pray for the body of Christ.

UC 54 – The Law – 3/5/2010 – Sin is the transgression of the law or missing the mark.  What is the mark and what is the law?  People were saved by grace and faith in the O.T.

UC 55 – What must we do to be Saved? – Sister Kathy Schaefer – 3/12/2010 – What is true repentance?  We must see God’s way of looking at sin.  The Sinner’s prayer is a deception.  We need to be more concerned about Jesus accepting us.

UC 56 – The Devil in the body of Christ – 3/19/2010 – Let no man deceive you!  Honest hearted people often believe they are right, but they are wrong.  The devil wants people to live like they are not going through the tribulation.

UC 57 – Israel – 3/26/2010 – Replacement theology and dispensationalism are two views.  There is no covenant promise of giving land to the Jews.  God gave the nation, Israel, the job of showing the world the truth about Him.

UC 58 – Approving the Excellent & Obeying His Voice – 4/9/2010 – Love is the motivating factor.  Good is sometimes and evil thing distracting people from the excellent things of God.  The sin of omission is willful disobedience against the voice of God.

UC 59 – Jesus in the Temple – 4/23/2010 – Jesus cleansed the temple twice.  When Jesus died on the cross, Old Testament sacrifices are no longer needed.  Israel will to accept the abomination of desolation that all roads lead to God.

UC 60 – No Rebuilt Temple – 4/30/2010 – Jesus said in four different references that there would be no temple rebuilt.  He also said there would be no stone left, therefore, the part of the wailing wall that is left will have to come down before He returns. Revelation chapter 13 discussed.

UC 61 – Offense in the End Times – 5/7/2010 – Offense, betrayal, and hatred are signs of the end times.  Offense will separate you from God and your Christian Brother and Sister.  Satan puts pressure on from the outside to cause problems on the inside.

 UC 62 – The Power of the Cross – 5/14/2010 – The lesson is a review of our book, The Cross and Your Salvation (B13 – $12.00 love gift).  Faith in the cross helps us to live above our sinful nature.  We must deny our ability to do anything without Christ.

UC 63 – Seducing Spirits – 5/28/2010 – Sister Kathy Schaefer – The seducing spirits see you as a potential target.  It is the enemy’s job to kill, steal, and destroy and he prefers to hide in darkness.  Seducing spirits make wrong seem right.

>>>The following two CDs can be used as a tool to reach people and help them see the alternative to attending a denominational church.  It will help them to understand how the real “church” was set up.

UC 64 – Believers’ and Daily Meetings Part 1 – 6/4/2010 – What are they, and who should attend?  We need to learn how to build ourselves up by praying in the Holy Ghost.  What about speaking in tongues and prophecy?

UC 65 – Believers’ and Daily Meetings Part 2 – 6/11/2010 – What are the guidelines to help make everything be done decently and in order?  John Wesley gave out tokens or invitations for his meetings.

UC 66 – Religious Apostasy – 3 Ways Satan Perverts Faith – 6/25/2010 – We must earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints.  Apostasy begins when you start to substitute something in place of the cross.

UC 67 – 68 – Actual Believers’ Meeting  – Part 1 & 2 – 7/10/2010 – We taped our actual Believers’ Meeting so you could experience what should happen.  David spoke about the Tabernacle of David and shared about the glorious worship.  Cheryl (Sister Kathy Schaefer’s sister) spoke about the Weapons of our Warfare and how our sinfulness has to stop.  Donna Carrico’s topic was “Have We Forgotten?”  The rest of the tape is some worship and messages in tongues and interpretation.  Many prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to receive gifts.  It was a great time in the ‘tin tabernacle’.  Overcomers Song  – Donna Carrico wrote and sang a song for the Believers’ Meeting and is sharing it with you.

UC 69 – True Revelation – 7/18/2010 – Prophet Ezekiel spoke of the elders of Israel having idols in their hearts.  God will answer you according to the idols in your heart.  People want to live the way they want to live and gratify the flesh.  There are three main sources of idols in the heart – covetness, sex, anything not of the true God.

UC 70 – The Fullness of Christ – 7/23/2010 – Baptism in the Holy Ghost is the gateway to fullness.  Jesus could talk to you as a man.  Jesus yielded himself so that God spoke through Him.  The fullness of Christ is how we measure ourselves and our group.

UC 71 – The Great Dragon- the Old Serpent – 7/30/2010 – Review of 6-day Man teaching.  What was the Fish Man?  The coffin in the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid is the same size as the ark of the covenant.  The Great Pyramid used to be a place of worship.  Some think the physical tabernacle of the pyramid was like the vision of the heavenly tabernacle.

UC 72 – # 2 Believer’s Meeting – 8/14/2010 – David’s message was the “Commanded Blessing”.  God wanted a thankful, obedient, prepared people and He directed his people toward supernatural provision.  God wants to spend time with us and be first place in our life.  The first part of the meeting with the prayers and tongues in interpretations is recorded in a separate track.

UC 73 – The Laying On of Hands – 8/22/2010 – The foundational doctrine of laying on of hands can be explained by “leaving” or letting go; going on to higher attainments, a force that wants to take us higher.  It could be called a “Holy Ghost updraft”.  All of the O. T. types of burn offerings explained and connected to the laying on of hands.

UC 74 – Manifest Sons of God – 8/27/2010 – God honors patterns.  We have to make Christ our substitute and the fire will fall on us.  We are saved from wrath.  Who used strange fire?  Memory verse Matt. 22:29.  We need to experience baptism in the Holy Ghost and fire.

UC 75 – # 3 Believer’s Meeting – 9/4/2010 – Brother David introduction and speaks a little about fasting.  Sister Kathy Schaefer’s message was on the Little Foxes.  The body of Christ seems to be conforming to the world.  We need to be morally consistent.  Sister Donna’s message was on how to Prepare your heart for the Message.  What is necessary for us to receive the message?

# 3 Believer’s Meeting – 9/4/2010 – Brother David’s message was about Glen Beck’s Mormon doctrine.  Glen is deceived and being a deceiver and is being led by spirits.  David agrees with most of his political message, but feels he is promoting the Mormon/Masonic god.  He does not realize that his agenda is the same as Obama’s in this area.  Sister Cheryl and Brother George give words of encouragement from the Lord.

UC 76 – Way of True Happiness – 9/2/2010 – Sermon on the Mount tells us how to be blessed or happy.  Jesus spoke with authority of God in the flesh.  We need to pray for God to give us a hunger and thirst for Him.

UC 77 – Called Into The Glory of God – 9/24/2010 – God wants to show Himself to you.  The glory of God is Jesus’ manifest presence to the body.  The glory will bring unity.  There is a false glory or counterfeit anointing.  In the Old Testament there was cloud by day and fire by night.  There is a fault finding spirit that rebels at seeing God’s glory.

UC 78 – Apostolic Worship – 10/2/2010 – True worship is message and Spirit driven. We are told to worship God with our voice, hands, and our posture. The Apostle Paul installed Psalmic worship into the Gentile Church. There is a Pharisee spirit and an elder brother spirit in some. Worship must come out of your heart.

UC 79 – Curses and Iniquity – 10/15/2010 – Iniquity is inherited and we have our own iniquities that we need to discern and deal with them. You can pass your iniquities down to your children. However, we are redeemed from cursed. We can repent and ask to be cleansed from our iniquities and the curses broken off our lives.

UC 80 – Home Church Gathering – 6 CD Set – 10/23-24/2010 – We were blessed to have a Home Church Gathering at the Schaefer’s farm. We had plenty of free food, fellowship, music, teaching, and worship. The first day we had a carry in dinner with a variety of tasty dishes including pulled pork and chicken barbeque. The second day we had beans with ham, chicken and dumplings with extras. The Holy Spirit moved and many hearts were challenged, changed, and blessed. Praise God! Saturday we had about 35 in attendance followed by 70 plus on Sunday. We were especially excited to have one of our CD families come all the way from Vermont. There was a mixture of old friends and people we had never met which soon became friends as well. We thank the Lord that it was a great success.
CD 1 – Intro and Brother David Carrico – Pressing Into The Secret Place – Jesus is about to shut the door. God can’t be a righteous God and turn His head. Judgment is at the house of God because they are not fighting against Freemasonry and child abuse. Our message should be the same as John the Baptist and Jesus, “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”
CD 2 – Sister Kathy Schaefer – The Wicked Servant – We must crucify our flesh. You cannot give out the unconditional love of Jesus if you don’t have it. Our flesh could cause someone to loose their soul. We need to grow up and quit tormenting others with our un-forgiveness.
CD 3 – Brother David Carrico- Days of Elijah – Radical obedience will bring about miraculous provision. A true prophet is always a servant. Obidiah’s wife is revealed. God wants us to prepare for what is coming. God can only fill what you bring Him.
CD 4 – Brother David Carrico – Covenant With Nahash – Nahash means serpent or snake. It even sounds like what it means! Abuse was rampant and they beat drums to drown out the sound of the children being sacrificed to Molech. The devil works through compromise. Most assemblies are in covenant with the devil. Church as usual ain’t going to cut it!
CD 5 – Sister Kathy Schaefer – Fruit of the Spirit – We need to remain teachable. We are not the Holy Ghost or a cheerleader. The devil doesn’t care how old you are. People owe us nothing. Love and meekness are expressed in action. Meekness never has to get the last word in or feel sorry for itself. You can gage your flesh by how many times you say, “I”.
CD 6 – Brother George Moore & Ending – 6 Day Man – There is a big difference between Genesis chapter 1 and 2. Male and Female were in the first creation on the 6th day. In Genesis chapter 2, Adam was created first then Eve from his side. In Genesis 1 the waters brought forth the animals. In Genesis 2 the animals came from the ground.

UC 81 – Apostolic Christianity – 11/5/2010 – Jude was written by Jesus’ half brother. An apostle is someone sent forth such as Moses. God will honor the apostolic pattern. We are in rebellion if we do not teach what Jesus taught. The church has become a place where the devil can hide. We need to understand we are sent by Jesus Christ, and we are under His great apostolic authority.

UC 82 – The Kingdom of God is Nigh at Hand – 11/19/2010 – Nigh means “near” literally or figuratively of a place or time. There is now believed to be about 12 dimensions. Jesus came from another dimension. Review of Daniel’s 70th week. Don’t get discouraged. Prepare for the household of God and the body of Christ to survive on earth. Prepare to loose your life for the gospel. You can’t really praise God from your heart and be depressed at the same time. We are going to have to get in the face of the Devil and rebuke him off of us!

UC 83 – Idol Temples – 12/04/2010 – Jesus is the jealous God of the Shemot. Many do not love god with all their heart, soul, and mind. When does and assembly that professes to be a Christian temple become a pagan temple? Churches today have turned Jesus into another Jesus that accepts everything.

UC 84 – A Revelation of Satan – 12/11/2010 – There are 4 names of Satan. “Why” is more important than the “What”. Satan is not a fallen angel. Satan inhabits flesh. What was the serpent like before the fall? Satan can’t tell us from the Lord in our New Clothes!

UC 85 – A Revelation of Angels – 12/19/2010 – This will take your spiritual warfare to a different level. What are angels like? We need to learn how to bring the angels of god to our aid. The evil side knows how to be empowered by fallen angels.

UC 86 – A Revelation of Devils – 01/12/2011 – Devils differ from fallen angels. Angels have flesh and bone bodies. Devils are disembodied spirits. Why can’t people follow Jesus like little children? Jesus was manifest to destroy the works of the devil.

UC 87 – Believers’ Meeting – l1/08/2011 – Part 1 – Donna’s message about Faith and Overcoming, Part 2 – David’s message about the Plumb line. Jesus is our plumb line. We will be judged according to the words of Christ. Part 3 – Praise, Prayer, and the ending.

UC 88 – Kept from the Hour – 01/16/2011 – We have to have the mind of Christ so we can endure to the end. We should rejoice in our trials because they produce more faith.

UC 89 – Questions in Genesis – 01/22/2011 – How long were the days of creation? Jesus is our Sabbath. We rest from our own works of righteousness. When did Satan and the angels fall? The Gap theory explained.

UC 90 – Questions in Genesis – Part 2 – 01/30/2011 – What was Adam and Eve like before the fall? Devils want to stay in flesh. Everything was taken back at Calvary!

UC 92 – Questions in Genesis – Part 3 – 02/13/2011 – Devils can inhabit soulless bodies. Where is the city of Adam? How did Cain know God liked Abel’s sacrifice? The churches of today are busy doing good things, but are not doing the excellent thing.

UC 91 – Discipleship and Christianity – 02/05/2011 – What is it all about? Everything in this study is what Jesus said. Jesus is God. What He said is true and if we keep His promises, we will never die. We need to teach others the doctrines of Christ. If you really love the Lord, you cannot be lukewarm. There is intellectual unity and spiritual unity.

UC 93 – Mystery Babylon & Freemasonry – 02/19/2011 – Who were the giants? The tower of Babel was tried to reach the gate. The builders were trying to make a name to replace Jesus Christ. The Freemasons have their version of the name of God – GATOU.

UC 94 – The Lie of the Pre-trib Rapture Part 1 – 02/27/2011 – People need to resist the “twist” to make Scripture say what they want it to say. The coming ‘parousia” explained. People don’t want to think they have to go through anything. What did Jesus say about His coming?

UC 95 – The Lie of the Pre-trib Rapture Part 2 – 03/5/2011 – We are unto tribulation and delivered from wrath. Wrath is God’s judgment on sin. There are many false prophets saying peace within the Christian community. They have an un-circumcised ears. If you aren’t preparing, you don’t believe the word of God!

UC 96 – Doctrine of the Bible – Translation Questions Answered – 03/12/2011 – The Bible is inspired “God breathed”. He breathed in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The King James was translated from the Received Text. Translations compared in several verses that will shock you.

UC 97 – The Measuring – Part 1
 – 03/19/2011 – What about that heavenly city, the New Jerusalem? What is the inner and outer court and who is going to be there? The measuring has already begun.

UC 98 – The Measuring – Part 2 – 03/26/2011 – The measuring of the New Jerusalem is to prevent anything un-profane from entering. The measuring is for protection and separation. Who is in the Outer court? What are the candlesticks?

UC 99 – The Vision of the Church – 04/08/2011 – The church as Jesus laid it out! There were no church buildings until Constantine. Gifts, not offices, are given unto the body of Christ. Spiritual authority leads by example.

UC 100 – The Return of Satan Part 1 – 04/15/2011 – The word of God can be a blessing or a curse to you. You have to do the groundwork to get to the higher precept. The lie of Satan is that we are taking the full brunt of his evil now. Satan was cast out at Calvary.

UC 101 – The Return of Satan Part 2 – 04/23/2011 – There is no millennial reign of a thousand years. Every false doctrine is there for a reason – to keep you from the truth. When you come to Christ, it is a resurrection. The thousand reign teaching is trying to cover up that Hell is coming.

UC 102 – Testimony Time & Damascus – 04/30/2011 – New friends, the Lambs visit. When will Damascus go away? Israel will be hit. We must prepare for the harvest after the indignation is past because many will return to God.

UC 103 – Jonah and the Whale – Jesus Style – 05/06/2011 – Jesus brought the Old Testament saints and the thief on the cross into the presence of God. Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, not Friday. Peter was a type of Jonah. The Lord will build his church around His presence. We are saved to serve. When you run from the word of God, you will go to Hell!

UC 104 – Revelation of the Priesthood and the Temple – 05/21/2011 – God will bring you through a fiery trial. Jesus is a stumbling block for many. You can choose the Stone (Jesus) ore be disobedient (Harlot). Stop and rest from religious works. God is still saying, “Let my people go!”. The religious system will be our problem, too. Its time to realize we are a spiritual house.

UC 105 – The Wisdom of God – 05/27/2011 – What is the prayer of faith? We must live our lives as though we know that God is watching us. Knowledge of the Holy is understanding. The fear of the Lord will give you reverence. It is not a matter of intellect, but a matter of belief.

UC 106 – The Fear of the Lord – Sister Kathy Schaefer – 06/04/2011 – Jesus left royalty to come to a nation who would not acknowledge Him. The angels with the wings over their eyes are responding to what they see. They are experiencing a perpetual revelation of His glory. The veil was torn so that God would not dwell in a building again.


UC 107 – Apostolic Christianity Part 1 – 06/11/2011 – The Word was the creator. Jesus was the Word, fully God and fully man. The Jesus that walked the earth as a man is the same Jesus that is risen Lord. The apostate gospel is everything about Jesus, but Jesus is not the message. The apostolic gospel is perpetrated by people who have an apostolic experience or Christ Jesus in you, the hope of glory.

UC 108 – Apostolic Christianity Part 2 – 06/17/2011 – The Apostle John bore witness and declared Jesus unto us. Apostolic Christianity is simple – C, D, E. The Cross, the Doctrine, and the Example of Jesus. Where are we at spiritually? Gross darkness will cover the earth. We have to have what the early church had to survive what is coming on this earth.

UC 109 – Apostolic Christianity Part 3 – 07/02/2011 – The apostolic message is what they have seen and heard. How does the Holy Ghost work? 3rd John was written because of rebellion. We must continue to love and obey Jesus. We must earnestly contend.

UC 110 – Apostolic Christianity Part 4 – 07/08/2011 – If we do not abide in the doctrine of Christ, we are not of God. There are many false anointings and false prophets. The devil does this because he knows that if the charismatic church would get the garbage out, they could turn the world around.

UC 112 – Apostolic Christianity Part 5 – 07/29/2011 – We will be held accountable if we do not try the spirits and heed what the Lord tells us. There are two spirits in the world, the Holy Spirit (spirit of truth) and the antichrist spirit (spirit of error). We need to be known in hell. There should be more tongue talking, more disputing, and more devils cast out.

UC 111 – Celebration – Baptism, Communion, Foot Washing – 07/23/2011 – Water baptism is a figure of Holy Ghost baptism. Under the water symbolizes you being baptized into the body of Christ. When we partake in communion, we look back to the cross and forward to Jesus return. We must discern the Lord’s body. There is a false communion coming. Foot washing was and example of Jesus to show his servant-hood. We must follow His example.

UC 113 – The Lie of the Tithe – 08/13/2011 – We cannot call the lie about tithing a false doctrine because there is not enough Scripture behind it. The Tithe is the lie that holds the apostate system alive. Christ is the end of the law. Abraham did not practice tithing. This teaching will set you free.

UC 114 – Wrestling with God – 08/19/2011 – Today the name of Jesus is taken for granted. The only victory we have in our lives is to hold on by faith. There are going to be as many people in hell for doing good things as for doing bad things.

UC 115 – The Truth About Islam – 08/27/2011 – Bro. Cecil Cobb – Islam people think they are the chosen people. Many things are twisted in Islam. They think Mohammed is coming back. 80% of Islamic people are illiterate. Shriners say an oath to Allah. Please wake up to this abomination.

UC 116 – The Believers Authority – 09/02/2011 – We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. Where did Christ get His authority? Where do we get our authority? What difference does it make what Bible translation we read?

UC 117 – How to do the Works of God – 09/09/2011 – We must deny ourselves and take up the cross. We have to be in obedience for God to bless us. Learn about the three laws. We need to be still, relax, and receive the gifts of the spirit.

UC 118 – Preparation of the Bride – 09/17/2011 – The church is better during persecution unto death. The wife made herself ready. We must not let sin have dominion over us. People don’t take the word of God seriously enough to believe it and do it.

UC 119 – Statement of Faith – Last Days Church – 09/23/2011 – What do we believe? 18 points explained with Scriptures so you can explain it to others. (Ask for more copies if you need them)

UC 120 – How Backsliders Serve God – 09/30/2011 – Ahab knew Elijah was a prophet of God, but he didn’t follow him until the end. Find out what happened when Ahab repented. If you reject the word of God, He will reject you. If God reveals truth to you and you disobey, you are backslid. A backslider serves God for whoever is watching him at the time.

UC 121 – Strive to Enter In – Sister Kathy Schaefer – 10/08/2011 – We must crucify the flesh and desire to be obedient to His word. The voice of God will never tell you anything contrary to what is in the word.Laziness is a spirit. Our treasure is in the body of Christ.

UC 122 – Foundation for Apostasy – 10/15/2011 – We must yield ourselves as instruments for God to use. When you are corrupted, who are you following? God will judge the church system. We must learn not to lie about healing.

UC 123 – Spirit of Destruction – 10/21/2011 – Who was in the garden of Eden? The flying fiery serpent is coming back. Who are the 7 shepherds and 8 principle men? The Assyrian has been loosed out of the pit on America.

UC 124 – What is Love? – 10/27/2011 – Agape is love that God has that constitutes His nature. He shows us His love through the Cross. 1st Corinthians 13 is the Charity chapter – not the Love chapter. Love is Satan’s smoke screen to destroy lives and marriages. People need to understand they need a sin consciousness before and after salvation.

 UC 125 – Time Line – 11/05/2011 – Damascus must be destroyed. Israel is going to get hit. Learn all about the Political Military Leader (anti-christ) and the False Prophet. What will happen next and what do we need to be looking for? What is going to cleanse the sanctuary?

UC 126 – Hell is Coming – Bro. Cecil Cobb – 11/19/2011 – The Lord reveals things to His prophets. Many things were revealed about the end-times. We need to heed what the Bible says.

UC 127 – The Lost Gospel – 11/26/2011 – We must receive the true gospel. The message of repentance has been lost and replaced with a “feel good” gospel. We all need a heart transplant. Most churches today preach to the old man, not the new man.

UC 129 – As In the Time of Noe – Bro. Cecil Cobb – 12/10/2011 – Hosea says we are destroyed for lack of knowledge. If we are to watch for the days of Noe, what can we expect? Giants were everywhere after the flood of Noah. They will be again. We must trust in Jesus and he will protect us when the time comes.


UC 128 – Is America Babylon? Part 1 – 12/03/2011 – Warfare is not always spiritual only. What did the statue in Daniel mean? Empires are powered by fallen angels. Angels do not mate with other angels, but can mate with humans.

UC 130 – Is America Babylon? Part 2 – 12/17/2011 – The Beast will be a President of the United States. How is Atlantis connected to all of this? There are many things in common with the past. You will be shocked when you see the comparisons.


UC 131 – Why I Can’t Celebrate Christmas – 01/07/2012 – Things used in the worship of other gods is an abomination to our God. Quotes from easy to find sources. What do the balls on the Christmas tree represent? What about the 12 days of Christmas? You will never want to celebrate Christmas either after you hear this!

UC 132 – Before the Beginning – 01/28/2012 – Noah’s flood was the 3rd time for a flood to happen. God has no beginning! There were worlds created from invisible things. How big were the angels that mated with women? God destroyed a world before he created it. Why can’t we see invisible matter?

UC 133 – At the Beginning – 02/04/2012 – The pre-Adamite world has three levels. 1. Before the beginning, 2. At the Beginning, 3. And on the 6th Day. There were multiple rebellion of angels. The book of Job was written before the flood of Noah. What came first, order or chaos?

UC 134 – The Spirit of Slumber – 02/11/2012 – Why did things only happen to Isaiah? The people had something on them that prevented them from going where he went. .Most of the church is asleep. They never go into the Holy Place and they are too lazy to study the Bible.

UC 135 – Spiritual Weapons – Sister Kathy – 02/18/2012 – Never give the devil place. We are mighty through God – His might – not ours. We are no match for the knowledge the devil has. We must cast down imaginations. We have to war against darkness and put on our full armour. The world is watching us. Our degree of freedom is related to practicing what the Bible says.

UC 136 – Examples of Fasting – Bro. Cecil Cobb Sorry, bad recording

UC 137 – Communion and Portals –Toleration is the greatest sin. We are judged when taking the Lord’s supper with a repentant heart. It is both physical (the church) body and the Lord’s body. There are gates of hell here on earth. People used to get saved and lead a changed life.



UC 138 – #1 Justification by Faith

UC 139 – #2 The New Birth

UC 140 – #3 Adopton

UC 142 – #4 The Doctrine of Christ


UC 141 – Return of the Prince of Persia – The Parthians were nephilem and humanor giants. The Parthians worshiped Apollo.There are some who are preparing a body for the inhabiting of devils.

UC 143 – The Great Awakening of 2012 – 05/19/2012 – History repeats itself. In 1738 Sara Edwards gave her whole heart and self to God and hearts were really cold then. The number one belief in that time was that the great tribulation would start in 2012. David reveals the teachings from several sources.

UC 144 – The Gift of Prophecy – 06/02/2012 – The gifts of the Spirit are operations. Prophecy means to speak forth. There is no office of prophet in the New Testament. The church is built on revelation from God. The line of communication stays open through prophecy.

“NEW” Last Days House Church Radio Programs 2011

LD 1 – Intro to Last Days House Church – 10/16/2011

LD 2 – Constantine and Freemasonry – 10/23/2011

LD 3 – What did Jesus Do? – 10/30/2011

LD 4 – Spirit of Judgment on America – 11/06/2011

LD 5 – Following the Real Jesus – 11/13/2011

LD 6 – Pre-trib Rapture Part 1 – 11/20/1022

LD 7 – Pre-trib Rapture Part 2 – 11/27/2011

LD 8 – Last Program – It’s Time – 12/04/2011

Sorry, we did not get enough response to stay on the air.  However, these programs are power packed and available on CD.

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PTR 1 – Introduction to 6-Day Man Revelation – 3/12/2007 – Introduction to our ministry and to the revelation of the 6-Day Man of Genesis 1.

PTR 2 – Adam & Eve and 6 Day Man – 3/26/2007 – 6 Day Man was also in the Garden of Eden.

PTR 3 – Bad Trees in the Garden – 4/2/2007 – Introduction to the Assyrian, a powerful fallen angel.

PTR 4 – The Assyrian – 4/9/2007 – The Beast of Revelation 13 identified.

PTR 5 – The King of Tyrus – 4/16/2007 – This spiritual King will play an important role in the end times. He was the first king to mix money and religion.

PTR 6 – The Judgment of 6 Day Man and the Two Floods – 4/23/2007 – One flood was the judgment on 6 Day Man. Who is Lilith?

PTR 7 – The Mystery of Ishmael & Kings of the East – 4/30/2007 – The story of Ishmael and generational connections revealing the Kings of the East.

PTR 8 – Satan the Pharaoh – 5/7/2007 – The Satanic ritual that will be performed in the book of Revelation.  Comparison of the Plagues of Egypt with the Trumpets and Vials in Revelation.
To see chart Click Here

PTR 9 – Fighting Egypt & Flesh and Bones – 5/14/2007 – We are still fighting Egypt and will be in the end times. Jesus glorified body was flesh and bones as ours will be. 6 Day Man was flesh, blood, and bones. That is how they could multiply.

PTR 10 – Dimensions & Pyramids – 5/21/2007 – God crossed over the spiritual dimensions to put the Garden of Eden on the Earth. The builders of the pyramids tried to escape the judgment of God. Where is the city named after Enoch. What is the mark of Cain?

PTR 11 – Lucifer Child -Venus – 5/28/2007 – Jesus has been redone in most modern teachings. The Bible does not say Jesus died at 33 yrs. old. The planet Venus was to reveal Jesus divinity. Lucifer always represents the counterfeit morning star.

PTR 12 – Pentecost in the Temple – 6/2/2007 – The location of the Day of Pentecost was not in the Upper Room as we are taught. It was in the Jerusalem Temple on Solomon’s Porch. Why is this fact being hid? The “temple” came out of the Temple.

PTR 13 – Who is in the House? Jesus – 6/11/2007 – There were no church buildings until 313 AD as the early church met in houses. The structure of the church today is wrong. The word “pastor” is not in the New Testament. Pastors is there as a gift not an office.

PTR 14 – Structure of House Church – 6/18/2007 – The New Testament House church should be able to pass the “fire test”. What is the doctrine of Christ? Some people believe they are saved by grace but sanctified by works.

PTR 15 – Pattern of House Church – 6/25/2007 – The early church was not a commune. There was a reason they sold their possessions very much unlike the current apostate church. The house church was persecuted and built on the real “Rock”.

PTR 16 – Robbing God – 7/9/2007 – Malachi 3:8-11, the passage used to make people feel guilty explained as never before. God never rebuked the people. They stopped paying tithes because of corruptions.

PTR 17 – Way of Escape – 3 Remnant Examples in Jeremiah – 7/16/2007 – You will never hear this preached in church. God spoke good of Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, Baruch the son of Neriah, and house of the Rechabites.

PTR 18 – What is the Spirit of Jezebel? – 7/21/2007 – Who was Jezebel and what is the true motive of the spirit of Jezebel? Goddess and calf worship exposed. What are the three ways Jezebel is coming forth?

PTR 19 – The Satanic Quadrangle Revisited – 7/30/2007  – Satan was not stupid. He wanted to be the forth one in the Godhead. The many “4’s” in the Bible.

PTR 20 – Structure of Satanic Kingdom #1 – 8/6/2007 – Basic from Ephesians 6:12. Principalities/principalities, Powers/powers, Rulers/thrones, Spiritual/dominions. Who is bound and who is loosed?

PTR 21 – Structure of Satanic Kingdom #2 – 8/13/2007 – Where do we wrestle? Are you an overcomer? We will have flesh and bones, but no blood.

PTR 22 – Structure of Satanic Kingdom #3 – 8/20/2007  – Fallen angels have bodies. Who are the 3 dead angels? Lucifer is not the same as Satan.

PTR 23 – The Remnant Believer Walk – 9/3/2007 – Our relationship with the Father is very important. Remnant believer are often lonely and misunderstood because we follow after Jesus and not the normal concept of church. Jesus taught his disciples many things, yet they still did not understand.

PTR 24 – Obeying the Voice – 9/10/2007 – God’s people were always taught to obey His voice. The Lord wills an alteration – God does not alter His will. On the day of Pentecost the Spirit was poured out on the spiritual temple while they were in the physical temple. Tips to get out from under witchcraft

PTR 25 – Measuring the Temple – 9/17/2007 – The reed was a unit of measure of 10′ 4″. The temple in Ezekiel 40:3 was the same temple that John measured in the book of Revelation – the heavenly temple. The temple that is not to be defiled in 1 Cor. 3:16 is plural.

PTR 26 – Trampling the Temple – 9/24/2007 – The outer court is in the temple of heaven not earth. We are the temple of God on earth. In Revelation 11, the measuring is the same as the sealing of the overcomers. More about the new mass and abomination of desolation.

PTR 27 – What (who) is Truth? – 10/1/2007 – Bro. Paul Tucker from Alabama and David both teach on this lesson. Jesus is the truth. Every church has some truth in them – but they don’t always know the truth – Jesus. We need to allow Jesus to be the head of the church. Prophecy from David and word from the Lord to Donna for the Remnant.

PTR 28 – The Message for the Remnant – 10/8/2007 – The message for the early Christians is the same for today. We are strangers and pilgrims seeking a city – the city of God. We must be living stones. Jesus is the headstone and the cornerstone.

PTR 29 – Heretic of the Year John Hagee – 10/15/2007 – Examining John Hagee’s book, “In Defense of Israel”, he states that Jesus did not want to be Messiah. The term “Christ” has the same meaning as “messiah” therefore it is heretical to make such a statement. There was not a Plan A and Plan B. Jesus came to be the Christ – the messiah and he fulfilled all that was prophesied about Him.

PTR 30 – Crossing the Line John Hagee – 10/22/2007 – The main argument that is still going on is “who is the real temple?” Hagee wants us to believe that the Romans were responsible for Jesus crucifixion, not the Jews, when Scripture plainly states otherwise. Jesus did not answer the Jews when they tried to force him to say an oath.

PTR 31 – Who are the Two Witnesses – 11/5/2007 – The candlesticks represent the two witnesses and the two groups or churches of Smyrna and Philadelphia. There will also be two groups calling themselves the priesthood of Melchisadec in the end-times. Zech. 4:11 speaks of the two anointed ones.

PTR 32 – Controversy of Zion – 11/12/2007 – The nations were weakened three times. The prosperity pimps of the apostate church will be judged. Where is Idumea? The battle for who the real remnant of God is has been going on since before the Garden of Eden.

PTR 33 – More on Controversy of Zion – 11/19/2007 – Who is the real church? Is it people or mortar and stone? Who is the real temple? The land became as burning pitch. The bowels of hell opened. The Satyr is the product of fallen angels mating with animals. It was the start of the goat of Mendes. The screech owl is spawn of Lilith.

PTR 34 – Bible Prophecy – 11/26/2007 – The Great Tribulation starts in the last half of the 70thweek of Daniel. There is no 7 year Tribulation. The Holy Place or temple is in the heart of God’s people.

PTR 35 – Great Shaking – 1203/2007 – There will be a great day of His wrath at the 6th seal. The end-time pharaoh will be the beast of Revelation 13. He will have God’s people in bondage. The Lord will say, “Let my people go.” The two witnesses will duplicate miracles of Elijah and Moses.

PTR 36 – The Last Day – 12/10/2007 – Our hope is living with Christ forever in the new heavens and earth. There will be no pre-trib rapture or millennial 1,000 kingdom as it already began at the resurrection. It is time to get ready.

PTR 37 – The Thousand Year Reign – 12/17/2007 – We have heard of the millennial reign for years, but this tape explains the truth. The 1,000 years is obviously a symbolic number. According to Colossians 3:1, Those who are born again are already seated with Jesus.

PTR 38 – What happens when the Devil joins the Church – 12/31/2007 – Jesus taught in the synagogue and those that heard him were astonished. Within their synagogue was a man with an unclean spirit. The work of God is to believe on Him who sent Jesus. People are still looking for a sign.

PTR 39 – Instant Apostates – 1/7/2008 – The Jews added a candle and put it in the chest that held the Torah. Jesus taught in the temple saying, “I AM the light of the world.” The Jews said the Torah was the light of the world. There was no salvation blessing under any covenant. The Abrahamic covenant pointed toward Christ.

PTR 40 – God Revealing His Dwelling Place – 1/14/2008 – God showed the lame man that the big beautiful temple behind him was not the real temple. He did not place his faith in man, but in the name of Jesus. God will hold you responsible if you follow religious leaders.

PTR 41 – Last Days Events – 1/28/2008 – The message is be patient until the Lord returns and endure till the end. James was the half brother of Jesus and an early house church leader. “You cannot deal with the uncertainty of life by trying to make it certain.” It is time to call what is evil, evil.

PTR 42 – Opening the Gates – 2/4/2008 – The seals are opened and the portals are opened. History reveals many events with the shedding of blood. Worship of the goddess was also in the groves. The apparitions of Fatima were accompanied with buzzing and the offering of the Eucharist.

PTR 43 – Who’s Your Covering? – 2/11/2008 – God was the original covering. The fallen angels have always tried genetic manipulation. The mustard seed is a plant. It was an example of abnormal growth and was not a good thing.

PTR 44 – God in a Box – 2/18/2008 – God forsook the tabernacle of Shiloh – the tent which he placed among men. The church of today denies the form of godliness. There is no power in the form of godliness. They give power to their form of godliness. Masonic rituals turn their back to the holy of holies and face the East. What was the testicle tree?

PTR 45 – Parable of the Garden – 2/25/2008 – The mustard seed is not what you think it is.  On the first Sabbath the entire earth was like a garden.  It was originally planted on the 6th day of creation.

PTR 46 – The True Vine – 3/3/2008 – Jesus is the true vine in John 15:1.  If we believe in the true vine, we will overcome the world.  Israel is and empty vine, a religious institution and has lost communication with God.

PTR 47 – Covenant with Fear – 3/10/2008 – Don’t be afraid of what Israel is afraid of!  Religious people are fear motivated and greedy because they are afraid.  Fear is something God does not accept in His servants.

PTR 48 – Idol Shepherd Prophecy – 3/17/2008 – Woe to the idol shepherd.  All about the Potter’s field and 30 pieces of silver and its layered prophecy.

PTR 49 – Idol Shepherd Part 2 – 3/31/2008 – Their houses were made of cedar.  Are you a good shepherd or a hireling?  Only a Christian can commit apostasy.

PTR 50 – Don’t Let the Goddess Get You Down – 4/5/2008 – Grace – You can’t work for it or deserve it.  As we go through tribulation, we learn to comfort others who go through the same thing.  Goddess worship and pre-trib rapture doctrine go hand in hand.

STARTING With –  PTR 51 –  The lessons will only be available on CDs

PTR 51 – The Naked and the Blind  – 4/14/2008 –The rich church is poor, blind, and naked.  Every Old Testament prophecy was fulfilled in Christ.  Satan wants to blind us.  The Apostle Paul gloried in his infirmities.  He had a physical affliction.

PTR 52 – The Transformers – 4/21/2008 – False Apostles transformed themselves into apostate christs and preached another Jesus and another gospel.  Four areas are detailed in this message.  The modern apostate church does the same thing.

PTR 53 – Jesus Christ – The Real Change Agent – 4/28/2008 – We are new creatures in Christ.  We need to defend and confirm the gospel.  If you are not ready to defend the gospel, then you shouldn’t even preach it.  Jesus resurrection brought the old covenant to an end.

PTR 54 – Last Days Apostasy – 5/5/2008 – We should be excited that we are nearing the end and earnestly seek and desire spiritual gifts.  We should seek prophecy about the end times.  We can be born again, but then get an evil heart of unbelief.

PTR 55 – Discerning the Lord’s Body – 5/12/2008 – What are the 144 thousand virgins.  The true remnant should continue to renew our love and devotion to Jesus.  Before his conversion, the Apostle Paul did not discern the Lord’s body.  This discernment will save your life.

PTR 56 – Spiritual Warfare & Your Garment – 5/19/2008 – Our righteousness is as filthy rags and the only garment we can stand before the Lord in is the one washed by His blood.  We need that change of garment when we believe in Him and His Cross.

PTR 57 – Spiritual Warfare & Heavenly Congregation – 5/26/2008 – Spiritual warfare takes place in the heavenly congregation with both good and bad angels.  Satan is the accuser of the brethren before the throne of God and Jesus is our mediator.  Our faith teaches the angels.

PTR 58 – Fulfilling the Great Commission – 6/2/2008 –All power was given to Jesus. Even the Roman centurion recognized his authority. Never a man spake like Jesus. Every error in you life stems from a lack of faith of who Jesus really is!

PTR 59 – Running the Race – 6/9/2008 – Donna Carrico – Last Program on Christian Media Network – What is our prize? What do we need to do to run the race? Music intertwined with the message. We need to get “hot for God. An encouraging message for Remnant believers.

PERILOUS TIMES REPORT is off the air for now, but we will be continuing to make new teaching CDs.  Check this page to see the list or the Archives page.

David Carrico – No Compromise for Revival – Freemasonry and Christianity NOT
Donna Carrico – Personal Testimony – Making a Safe Place and Ritual Abuse & Special Music

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T5 – History of the War/ British & French Freemasonry  – 4/25/2003 – James Lloyd Interviews David Carrico – Apocalypse Chronicles – Christian Media Network – 2 TAPES or CDs ($10.00 set) – The history of the war between British and French Freemasonry. Knowledge of this subject will give you a new paradigm through which to understand world history for the past 300 years. The interpretation of the prophetic Scriptures and Current Events.

T6 – 2 TAPES ($10.00 set) – 5/12/2003 – Interview with Cathy Burns on Special Perilous Times Report 15.725 & 9.330 – Billy Graham Exposed by the excellent research of Dr. Cathy Burns. David and Cathy discuss what Billy teaches. Is he following the doctrines of Christ, lifting up Jesus as the only way of salvation? What about his involvement with the Masons? A sound bite from Atlanta radio station preparing for the BGA conference is a real shocker with Billy Graham himself speaking.

T8 – Illuminati and the Masonic Conspiracy 6/4/2005 – David’s interview with ConspiraZine, an Olympia, Washington 98.5 FM Radio, host Demy DeAsisHistory of the Illuminati and Freemasonry and the impact that they have had on European and American history over the last three centuries.Also reveals how Freemasonry uses other organizations as a recruitment ground.

T9 – CD of Stan Monteith & David Carrico – Radio Liberty Interview – 6/12/ 2006 – Freemasonry and the Great Seal and other topics.

T10 – CD of Bruce Collins & David Carrico – Monster Internet Radio Interview – http://www.brucedcollins.com – 6/23/2006 – Great interview on a huge variety of subjects. Everything from Freemasonry, UFO’s, and the importance of the Cross of Christ.

  Ekklesia Series 60 minute Cassette Tapes $5.00 ea. love gift.  All prices listed are the SUGGESTED love gift for the materials.

E1 – Truth About Creation 2/14/2004 – When did God create the world as we know it? How many floods were there? The truth revealed about the pre-Adamite world.

E2 – Difference between Made and Created 2/21/2004 – Did God make the world or create it?

E3 – How to Minister to the Apostate Church 2/28/2004 – Jesus shows us his plan of action for ministering to the apostate church. The five leavens and the five churches Jesus rebuked in Revelation and why are they identical to churches today.

E4 – The Truth about Tithing 3/13/2004 – What was the purpose of tithing? What about Seed faith? Are the TV evangelists telling us the truth?

E5 – How to Understand ALL Things 4/17/2004 – How important is it to comprehend what Jesus taught and apply it to your life? How do you abide in him? What does the Holy Spirit bring to our remembrance?

E6 – Prophesy According to Holy Spirit (Christian Media Threshing Floor Short Wave) 5/4/2004 – James Lloyd asked us to fill in on his program so this tapes is similar to E5 but has different things as well. The Holy Spirit will lead you into all truth even truth about the end-times. What method should you use to interpret prophesy?


E7 – John 1:1-12 5/1/2004 – Why is it so important and why was it written?

E8 – John 1:13-2 5/15/004 – Believing in Jesus is believing in how He revealed Himself as the I AM.

E9 – John 1:21-51 5/22/2004 – Did Jesus use the gift of word of knowledge? Jesus was the gate to Heaven.

E10 – John 2:1-25 6/5/2004 – Jesus defines his role. Jesus and the Jewish traditions.

E11 – John 3:1-11 6/12/2004 – What did Nicodemus know? Jesus and his relationship with his Father. Who were the witnesses?

E12 – Temptation 6/19/2004 – What are the areas of temptation that Satan attacks and why?

E14 – John 3:17-26 7/3/2004 – Do you believe in the only begotten son? Woman at the well insight.

E15 – Spirit of Babylon 7/10/2004 – What is the difference between the True Church and the Whore Church? What is spiritual adultery?

E16 – The Two Mosaic Covenants 7/17/2004 – First Covenant was the Ten Commandments. The Second Covenant was the one at Moab that dealt with how the children of Israel were supposed to conduct themselves while living in the promised land. When were they done away with and what does that have to do with us?

E17 – The Abrahamic / Davidic Covenants 7/24/2004 – Are these covenants done away with? What covenant are we as Remnant believers under? What about the land?


2 – CD Set – $8.00 Suggested love gift

E 19 – Da Vinci Code and Freemasonry

E 21 – Da Vinci Code and Apologetics

We have this CD set ready although, we were researching material to create a video to address the connections in the Dan Brown book that relate to Freemasonry.  Many other Christian authors have addressed the book, but have not touched on the Freemasonry connections.

E19 * – Da Vinci Code and Freemasonry 8/7/2004
Reveals the obvious connections that the other Christian ministries to not deal with.

E21 * – Da Vinci Code and Apologetics 8/21/2004 – Answering the lies of this massive assault on the body of Christ.

E20 – The Sabbath 8/14/2004 – What is the true Sabbath? Are we still obligated to keep the Sabbath?

E22 – Calvinism and God’s Attributes 6/28/2004 – Two things God can’t do. He cannot go against his own nature and he cannot go against his own decrees. If you understand these attributes, you can spot the apostasy of Calvinism right away. Speaker Brother Les Tabb  (see tape E23)

E23 – Philemon 9/4/2004 – What was the purpose of Philemon? Onesimus, the servant who was useless turned into something useful by the grace of God.  Speaker Brother Les Tabb

E24 – Calvinism – Where is the Outrage? 9/11/2004 – Where is the outrage from Calvinists and others for all the murders and persecutions that Calvin committed in the name of Christianity? Church history proves that God has a remnant of believers. Are you a protestant, Catholic, or a part of the true remnant of God?  Speaker Brother Les Tabb


E25 – Daniel Series I – Revived Rom Emp false 9/24/2004 – Daniel 1 & 2 – How God keeps his people through tribulation and why the doctrine of the Revived Roman empire is false.

E26 – Daniel Series II – Heads, horns, crowns 10/2/2004 – Daniel 3 -The Key to unlock Revelation 13. Heads, horns, crowns, the anti-Christ, beast, and false prophet. What does 666 really mean?

E27 – Daniel Series III – Abom of Des & 70 wks 10/9/2004 – What is the abomination of desolation and the seventy weeks of Daniel?

E28 – Daniel Series IV – Cleansing & Shaking 10/16/2004 – Daniel 8:11 – Cleansing of the Sanctuary and the Great Shaking.

E29 – Daniel Series V – Most attacked Doctrine 10/23/2004 – Greater Works, false teachings about 1,000 reign

E30 – Daniel Series VI – Last Judgment 10/30/2004 – More than one day in the Last Day. What does the binding of Satan mean?

E31 – Daniel Series VII – 2 Sets of 45 Days 11/6/2004 – Daniel’s 70th week has 2 sets of 45 Days at the end of the first and second half. What happens during this portion of time?

E32 – Daniel Series VIII – Strangers in God’s House 11/20/2004 – The myth of the Anti-Christ sitting in a tribulation Temple exposed and Satan’s real plan to defile the church revealed.



E33 – Identity of 144 Thousand 11/28/2004 – How are the 144 Thousand sealed? Who shall be able to stand?

E34 – The Sealing 12/4/2004 – The Sealing means ownership or protection. Both the children of God and the ones that are receiving the Mark of the Beast right now. Which seal do you have?

E35 – Deliverance of the 144 Thousand 12/11/2004 – God’s preservation of the Remnant throughout history and in the end-times.

E36 – The Church and the Kingdom 12/18/2004 – Seeing clearly the role of the church and how the Lord builds the “real” church. Reveals how the modern American Church has totally lost perspective.

E37 – Jesus Hermanutics 1/1/2005 – A foundational tape that gives you the understanding you need to interpret Scripture God’s way. Jesus is the final authority.

E38 – Who are Higher Powers? Romans 13 1/8/2005 – Why the higher powers in Romans 13 cannot be Civil Government. Don’t be duped into blind obedience to the Beast.


E39 – Dead Men Walking 1/22/2005 – The Biblical portrait of apostate teachers.

E40 – The Necessity of Endurance 2/5/2005 – A closer look at the four groups who believe and then some fall away. A look at how Jesus prophesied about how people would be when he returned.

E41 – What Jesus said about Apostasy 1/29/2005 – Jesus functioned as a prophet or a watchman.What is a watchman and do you want to be one?Compare Charles Stanley’s eternal security doctrine with what Jesus said.

E42 – The Baptism of the Holy Ghost 2/12/2005 -How do you receive the Baptism and what is it and who gives it? Learn about the three steps that every Christian must go through.

E43 – Heavenly Quadrangle 2/19/2005 – Amazing revelation about the four rivers in the garden of Eden and what they mean for your Christian life.

E44 – Peace and Safety 2/26/2005 – The False and the True messages of the end-times. How should the Remnant respond?



E 45, 46, 47, 48 are not Available at this time

E49 – Is Your Pastor a Prophet or an Ass? 4/23/2005 – The Biblical acid test to determine if Christian leaders are really of God.

E50 – What Happens When We Die 4/29/2005 – What happens to our Body, Soul, and Spirit? What happens to Christians and the unsaved?

E51 -Apostasy and Covenant in Hebrews 5/7/2005 – Hebrews warns Christians about keeping our part of the covenant agreement.

E52 -Romans 9 5/14/2005 – Jacob and Esau – obedience to the covenant.

E53 -Christian Perfection in the Remnant 5/21/2005 – What does it mean to be perfect? What is the true Remnant?

E54 -Romans 10:6-11/Ch.11:1-7 5/28/2005 – What salvation really means!

E55 – Romans 11:8-end 6/4/2005 – Israel and their prophets were under a demonic spirit of slumber and their eyes and ears are shut because they rejected the truth of God both in the Old Testament and through Jesus in the New Testament. Some of the people in the church in the New Testament and now the apostate church is asleep as well.

E56 – Melchizedek Priesthood 6/11/2005 – The first war ever recorded. Where and when did the Melchizedek priesthood start and why is it important to us?

E57 – Provoking God to Wrath – 6/25/2005 – God never wanted the people to have a king. He wanted a kingdom of priests to show the rest of the world the truth about God.

E58 – Souls of the Martyrs 7/2/2005 –  Who are the souls of the martyrs in Rev. 20:4?The truth about the millennium. Jesus reigns NOW.



E59 – Who is in the House (Church) – 7/9/2005 – What does it mean to follow in the steps of Jesus regarding House Churches? The church was in private homes for the first 300 years. How did Jesus minister in the homes?

E60 – Who is in the House (Church) #2 – 7/16/2005 – Who was in the upper room? The House church taught the Apostles’ Doctrine, had fellowship, broke bread and took care of each others needs.

E61 – Who is in the House (Church) #3 – 7/23/2005 -The early church was a persecuted church. What was the role of women in leadership of the early church?

E62 – Grace Giving – 7/30/2005 -The truth about financial giving. The apostate TV preachers with their greed seed doctrine are totally wrong. The church in Jerusalem was very poor.


E63 – Job #1 – 8/6/2005 – Job – the faith that it will take to survive Satan’s end-time assault of doctrines of devils.

E64 – Job #2 – 8/13/2005 – Elipahz the Temanite and the assault on the doctrine of justification by faith from a direct visitation from a spirit.

E65 – Job #3 – 8/20/2005 – Job’s friends tried to get him to believe and prosper for different reasons – human experience (Elepahz) and human tradition (Bildad), the enemy of God.

E66 – Job #4 – 8/27/2005 – Zophar comes from the position of human merit or works and no understanding of justification by faith. Greed gospel.

E67 – Patterns & Types of the Great Tribulation – 9/10/2005 – The ministry of Elijahduring the famine in the Old Testament is a pattern of the Remnant’s ministry in the End-time Tribulation.

E68 – The Seven Thunders – 9/17/2005 – The amazing revelation of divine numerical patterns in the teachings of Jesus. (ASK FOR SCRIPTURE LIST)

E69 – Daniel Chapter 1 – 9/24/2005 – God’s faithful remnant surviving the Tribulation.

E70 – Beasts, Heads, & Horns – 10/8/2005 – Things are very clear in Scripture if we will just look. This symbolism explained.

E71 – Pentecost in the Temple – 10/15/2005 – Day of Pentecost took place in the Jewish Temple. What does this mean to us?

E72 – Why Real Christians are Persecuted – The Temple, the Law, and the Holy Place. The three area of persecution explained.

E73 – Looking upon the things that are Unseen – 10/29/2005 – We will never understand the message of Scripture until we understand the reality of the spiritual world.

E74 – Spiritual Kingdom through the Cross – 11/5/2005 – What does it really mean to “become as little children?” No Christian should exalt themselves over another.

E75 – The Lord is a Man of War – 11/12/2005 – Psalm 110 is the most quoted Scripture in the Bible. Jesus rules over the spiritual kingdom, but what does physical end-time war mean for us?

E76 – The Plagues of Egypt Revisited – 11/19/2005 – A comparison of the Plagues, Trumpets, and Vials. What is the song of Moses that should be the end-time Remnants’ song?

E77 – Speaking Unto the Mountain – 11/26/2005 – What is the real meaning of this often used phrase? It has a much deeper meaning that we are usually led to believe.


E78 – The Beatitudes – Doctrine of Christ #1 – 12/3/2005 – What is our message? What do we teach? Jesus said to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.

E79 – The Beatitudes – Doctrine of Christ #2 – 12/10/2005 – Grow in grace – not in works. The meaning of New Testament prophecy and how it functions.

E80 – Peace of God and Gideon’s Army – 12/17/2005 – Jehovah Shalom- the God of Peace allowed judgment and chastisement because of idolatry. God shows Gideon that he does not tolerate fear in His army!

E81 – Why Did Jesus have to Come in the Flesh? – 12/24/2005 – A non-traditional look at a traditional doctrine. A dimensional understanding of the incarnation.



E82 – The Lord’s Supper Celebration – 12/31/2005 – Bro. Les Tabb teaches little known facts about the symbolic Communion our Lord instituted.

E83 – Music by Jane Huddleston and Donna Carrico – 12/31/2005 – Sister Jane sings and plays the keyboard as we all joined in our New Year’s Celebration. Sister Donna sings some special songs with tapes, too.

E84 – Ken Tucker Live in the Tin Tabernacle – 12/31/2005 – Our friend Ken Tucker played acoustic guitar and sang many songs he wrote as well as some off his album as we celebrated the New Year.

E85 – What is Grace? – 1/7/2006 – Grace is how we learn, stand and grow in grace. Grace is an impartation.

E86 – Human spirit and Hearing God’s Voice – 1/14/2006 – What is our spirit and soul? What hears God – our mind or our spirit?

E87 – What is Sin? / Dealing with It – 1/21/2006 – What is sin? How do we take care of it? Defining what law we are sinning against.

E88 – God’s Attitude for Worship – 1/28/2006 – God hates religion – He wants a relationship with you. Psalms was generated through the Tabernacle of David.

E89 – Your Portion of the Anointing – 2/18/2006 – What was the Priesthood’s portion and how did it become apostate? What is our Bread or portion of anointing?

E90 – Gird up the Loins of Your Mind – 2/25/2006 – Word from the Lord to Donna. Gird up the loins of your mind – prepare for battle. What does this mean? Special Music

E91 – Jesus the Light of the World – 2/25/2006 – Jesus claimed to be I AM. The words Jesus spoke will be the criteria that will judge you. There are three witness in Heaven and in Earth. How to be sure about your salvation.

E92 – Parable of the Sower – Do you have ears to hear? – 3/4/2006 – Parables compare earthly things to spiritual things. Jesus used parables to hide some things from his hearers. What kind of hearer are you? We are to be a reflection of Jesus .

E93 – Our Parakletos – The Holy Spirit – 3/11/2006 – Our spirit is regenerated and we have a new nature and the Comforter is given to us when we are born-again. He is given to us to stand in our behalf in the presence of the Father. We need to learn to ask the Holy Spirit to pray for us.

E94 – Straining at Gnats Swallowing Calvinists – 3/18/2006 – Calvinists refute the Word of Faith movement, yet Calvin taught the same thing. The Word of Faith movement needs to repent of their Calvinism before they loose their salvation forever.

E95 – Unity in the Church 3 ways – 3/25/2006 – Jesus high Priestly prayer in John 17 was for all believers. Learn the three ways we should have unity in the church, and oursleves.

E96 – Romans 6 Review – 4/8/2006 – Review of Romans chapter 6 using our Romans commentary book as a guide. (B13 – The Cross and your salation – Commentary on Romans 6, 7, 8:1-14)

E97- Isaiah 58 – 4/15/2006 – God wants us to “get in their face” and raise our voices like trumpets and confront his people with their sins.

E98 – Isaiah 52 – Prophecy about Christ – 4/22/2006 – The Suffering servant Jesus Christ. Proves Shroud of Turin false. Did Jesus get sick?

E99 – Luke 21 – A Different Sermon – 4/29/2006 – Jesus prophetic teaching in the Luke passage is a totally different sermon as those in Mark 13 and Matthew 24.Jesus told us 14 different things that must happen before his return.

E100 – It’s The Cross, Stupid! – 5/6/06 – Bro. Les Tabb – Jesus was His name – Christ was His title. He was very man and very God, the author and finisher of our faith. Faith is access to Grace.

E101 – The Queen and the Widow Part 1 – 5/20/2006 – Goddess worship in Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry and how it is forming the One World Religion.

E102 – The Queen and the Widow Part 2 – 5/27/2006 – Scripture shows how the goddess in history has tried to exalt herself as equal to God.

E103 – The Realm of Grace – 6/3/2006 – Grace justifies propitiation – the mercy seatFaith in His blood is the atonement for our sin. What are the signs of justification?

E104 – Freemasonry and Spiritual Warfare – 6/10/2006 – 1 Corinthians 5 shows that the church had to deal with sin within its walls.  Charles Finney, the great Revival of the 1830’s preacher spoke out about the sin of Freemasonry and the world was changed for a while.  Today that sin and others are ignored in many churches.

E105 – Fruit of the Spirit – 6/24/2006 – What is the Fruit of the Spirit and the dangers of hurting a “bruised reed” and a “smoking flax”.

E106 – The Truth about Speaking in Tongues – 7/1/2006 – Answers to your questions on this subject. Are tongues real, or are they a language? What is the proper use of speaking in tongues?

E107- The Truth About Generational Curses – 7/15/2006 – There are many false doctrines about generational curses and how to break them in the Christian community. What is the difference between an iniquity and sin?

E108- The Lucifer Child – 7/22/2006 – The typical answer when people ask, “How old was Jesus when he died?” is “33”. Why is that answer given? Revelation about how Jesus and birth dates have been manipulated through the centuries.

E109 – Jesus Absolutes – 7/29/2006 – Jesus meant what He said and He spoke the truth from God the Father. Jesus said, “Believe in Me ,” not “interpret me.” He spoke simple absolutes that we are to believe and follow.

E110 – The Word – 8/5/2006 – The name “Jesus” means in Greek “logos” or the thought behind the word. Many people say, “Did Jesus say that?” What was Jesus’ message? More answers to what Jesus taught on salvation, pre-trib rapture, prospering financially, etc.

E111- Why Denominations are Wrong – 8/19/2006 – Bro. Les Tabb – Teaching nowadays causes the butterfly to turn into a caterpillar. God wants transformation not conformation. Dictionary definition: religious grouping or own system. Bible definition: an assembly of people.

E115 – Colossians Exposes Church Problems – 9/16/2006 – While the Apostle Paul was in prison he wrote this letter to the church at Colossia.  Someone said, “Error comes into the church on the back of the truth.”

4 CDs available from this conference.

David Carrico – No Compromise for Revival – Freemasonry and Christianity NOT
Donna Carrico – Personal Testimony – Making a Safe Place and Ritual Abuse & Special Music
Bill Purden – Former Mason Speaks Out
Special Music – Piano, Voice, and Blowing of the Shofars and Trumpets

E112, 113,114,115,116, 117, 120 Not available at this time

E118 – 4 Justifications – 11/18/2006 – Instant justification, Experienced by unsaved, Justified by works, Final judgment.

E119 – The Doctrine the Devil Can’t Understand – 11/25/2006 – The mystery of Christ in us, the hope of glory fully explained.

E121 – When Was Jesus Born – 12/23/2006 – What are the events that prove when Jesus was born? Should we continue to celebrate on December 25th?

E122 – Get “R” Done – 12/30/2007 – What is common salvation? How do we earnestly contend for the faith? We need to be unified in thought, mind, and purpose.

E123 & 124 Not available at this time.

E125 – Exalting the word above the Name – 1/20/2007 – The word was given the name, Jesus. The Word gave us the word.

E126 – Who is Really Robbing God? – 1/27/2007 – What was the background for the Scripture in Malachi 3 that is misused by many TV preachers to condemn people about their giving of tithes and offerings?

E127 – Truth about Israel and Bible Prophecy – 2/3/2007 – Who is the seed that the land of Israel was promised to? God’s divorce. Is there going to be a re-gathering of Israel?

E128 – Not available at this time

E129 – The Violence of the Spiritual Kingdom – 2/17/2007 – The Spiritual kingdoms are drawing closer to us during these end times. The Holy Spirit is not always a gentleman as many Christian leaders teach.

E 130 – Strange Women – 3/24/2007 – Strange women are often mentioned throughout Scripture.  What is strange flesh and what happened when the angels fell.  Race and religion rules.

E131 – Daniel Chapter 2 – 4/7/2007 – Nebuchaneezer’s dreams changed world history. God’s people fill the void left by Pagan religions. Only Daniel knew the dream and the interpretation.

E132 – Once Saved Always Saved Refutation – 4/14/2007 -What are the classic Scriptures used in this False teaching. What is the truth? How do we get saved and maintain our salvation?

E133 – The Truth About Water Baptism – 4/20/2007 – Do we have to be water baptized to be saved? What are the other kinds of baptisms we need?

E134 – Order & Structure of Believers Meetings – 4/28/2007 – Who is your head or covering? God is the giver of the gifts. What are the gifts of the Spirit?

E135 – Gifts Set in Church – 5/12/2007 – What are the gifts of Apostle, Elder, and Deacon?The word pastor is not in NT. What government is supposed to be in the church?

E136 – The Mystery Revealed – 5/26/2007 – Grace versus Law. Grace does not give us Brownie points. We are to be one new man and we will receive the promise of Abraham.

E137 – The Real Word of Faith – 6/2/2007 – What it really means to follow Jesus and to let Him be the Head of the church. The words of Christ will judge us.

E138 – Roots of Defilement – 6/16/2007 – Many follow the traditions of their elders and reject the commandments of God. What really defiles you? Jesus and Apostle Paul explain when something is unclean.

E139 – Forgiveness and Cleansing – 6/23/2007 – We need cleansing from our fallen nature (sin) and forgiveness for our sins.The Biblical pattern of this is shown in the Old Testament Leviticus 16:8. Some people never repent because they make an excuse for their behavior.

E140 – What is Worldliness? – 6/30/2007 – Where do you find lust of flesh, lust of eyes, and pride of life? The “world”, the religious system of his day, hated Jesus.Keeping the law will bewitch you.

E141 – Remnant Revealed in Jeremiah – 7/7/2007 – You will never hear this preached in church. God spoke good of Ebedmelech the Ethiopian, Baruch the son of Neriah, and house of the Rechabites.

E142 – Obey, Yield, Reckon – 7/14/2007 – God lives outside of time. We are responsible for keeping our buffer zone in tact. We must loose our life to find it.

E143 – Spirit of Jezebel – 7/21/2007 – Who was Jezebel and what is the true motive of the spirit of Jezebel? Goddess and calf worship exposed. What are the three ways Jezebel is coming forth?

E144 – Christ the End of the Law – 7/28/2007 – Righteousness comes to you and upon you. Jesus is wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. There can be no righteousness through keeping the law.

E145 – Two Ancestral Generations – 8/12/2007 – The generations mentioned in Proverbs 30:8-15 are really spiritual in nature. However, they represent one of the ancestral generation that loved evil. They were the religious system of that day, the Pharisees, and today they are the apostate church. The Remnant or good are the followers of Jesus.

E146 – Covetousness and the Old Paths – 8/18/2007 – The passage in Jeremiah 6:13 was addressed to a corrupt priesthood. We are a part of the Melchizedek priesthood.

E147 – The Cup of Trembling – 10/27/2007 – The golden cup that made all the earth drunken is more than symbolic. Babylon has always been the symbol of everything that is opposed to God. There will be a cup of trembling in Jerusalem. Can you drink the cup of Jesus?




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PT1 – Freemasonry 101 & Witnessing  – 1/7/2003 – How to witness to a Freemason /Masonic Churches. How occult groups work and recruit out of the lodge and the Evansville Blue House Case discussed.

PT2 – Aleister Awards – 1/9/2003 – The three occult groups in the world exposed, Golden Dawn, OTO, and Palladium Masonry.

PT3 – Two Witnesses – 1/14/2003 – Two distinct groups of people in book of Revelation that will be used of God in the Great Tribulation. Tape reveals the role of the church during the Great Tribulation.

PT4 – Rahab the Harlot – 1/21/2003 – The story of Rahab as you have never heard it before! The Nephelium and the fallen angels desperate plan to destroy the young woman who was destined to be in the genealogy of Jesus Christ.

PT5 – Way of Escape on the Day of the Lord  – 1/28/2003 – How to be preserved physically and spiritually during the Great Tribulation

PT6 – Cult of Jesus Vs Dispensationalism  –  2/4/2003 – How true followers of Jesus Christ find themselves at odds with the modern Dispensationalism church. Facts about notes in Schofield Bible revealed.

PT7 – Spirit of Jezebel & Blood of the Beast –  2/12/2003 – How counterfeit Eucharist miracles will seal the end-time deception of the Anti-christ. and goddess worship


PT8 – Structure and Order of NT Church –  2/18/2003 – How the foundation of God’s original plan of Apostolic and Prophetic ministry has been destroyed by modern apostasy

PT9 – Ritual Abuse Intro – 2/25.2003 – What is Ritual abuse and how prevalent is it in connection to Freemasonry?

PT10 – Search for the Historical Jesus – 3/4/2003 – Do you follow the Historical Jesus or teachings like Schoefield and Charles Stanley?

PT11 – Search for the Historical Jesus Cont’d – 3/11/2003 – You need to be “Born Again”

PT12 – Co-Masonic Groups Interview Lora Burton – 3/18/2003 – How Many, How do you join, Rituals, Sex Abuse?

PT13 – Jezebel in Your Easter Basket – Part 1 –  3/25/2003 – God’s Church and the Apostate Church – Lead-heads!

PT14 – Jezebel in Your Easter Basket – Part 2 – 4/1/2003 – God’s Church and the Apostate Church – Lead-heads!

PT15 – Days of the Son of Man – 4/8/2003 – The clear teachings of Jesus on prophetic events from Luke 17. How the teaching of Jesus gives us the true understanding of Daniel’s 70th week.

PT16 – Kiss the Son or Kiss the Calf  –  4/15/2003 – How the O.T. prophets dealt with the problem of goddess worship – the direct road to reprobation; how it manifests itself in Freemasonry and the Catholic worship of Mary

PT17 – NCAPM – Child Abuse Hurts – 4/22/2003 – April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month – Donna Carrico shares statistics about Child Abuse, how to react to and help survivors, some of her personal history as a survivor and offers encouragement to survivors through Jesus and other web site links and other resources for information about abuse.

PT18 – Model Church – 4/29/2003 – God’s model church knew the reality of enduring tribulation, persecution, and speaking the truth uncompromisingly. God’s model is the exact opposite of the modern apostate church.

PT19 – Pre-Trib Rapture Debunked – 5/07/2003 – 1 Thess. 4:15-18 – The classic pre-trib Rapture passage is torn apart and debunked phrase by phrase.

PT20 – More on Pre-Trib Rapture Debunked – 5/13/2003 – 1 Thess. 5

PT21 – Carnal Christian – NOT – 5/20/2003 – We analyze and define the spirit behind the carnal Christian. We look at how the carnal spirit sought to destroy the church in Corinth and how it manifests itself in the Western modern church.

PT22 – Apostasy of Ephesus – 5/27/2003 – The church left the real love of God. God’s true model for evangelism and missions.

PT23 – What makes an Apostate Church? – 6/3/2003 – The difference between the Church and the Kingdom of Heaven. The five leavens mentioned in Scripture that will make your church part of the whore instead of part of the Bride.

PT24 – The Tower of Babel – 6/10/2003 – The truth about the tower of Babel, the languages and the connection with Freemasonry.

PT25 – Satanic Quadrangle – 6/17/2003 – This tape shows that the Mystery of Iniquity has been Lucifer’s plan from even before the time of his fall to become the fourth person of the Godhead. This revelation enables us to see throughout the history of the Bible that Satan’s kingdom has always been divided into four parts (quadrangle). This tape is a must to under stand how Lucifer is now being worshiped as the fourth person of the Godhead under the guise of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM).

JUNE/JULY SPECIAL 5 TAPES FOR $20.00 (REG. $25.00) – PT 7, 18, 19, 23, 25

AUGUST SPECIAL – ROMANS SERIES SPECIAL $15.00 (Reg. $20.00) PT 26, 27, 28, 29 This set of CDs (listed below) compliment our B 13 Book $12.00 THE CROSS AND YOUR SALVATION – A COMMENTARY ON ROMANS 6.7. & 8:1-14

  • PT26 – Romans 6:1-8 Cross Centered Life – 6/24/2003 – How to live daily by faith in the cross – the only way to victory.
  • PT27 – Rom. 6:9-23 Dead to Sin/Alive to Christ – 7/1/2003 – Making the choice to yield to righteousness and not to sin. Submit to the cross and be servants of righteousness.
  • PT28 – Rom. 6:24-8:2 Spiritual Adultery – 7/8/2003 – You cannot use your will to keep you free from the works of your sinful nature and you cannot use any works of the flesh to set you free. If you try to use anything else but faith in the Cross of Jesus Christ for your salvation, sanctification, or justification – you commit spiritual adultery. Most American Christians are living in spiritual adultery – trusting in the works of their church in stead of the cross.
  • PT29 -Rom. 8:1-10 Victory Through the Holy Spirit – 7/29/2003 –  We must use our will power to die to sin and yes to the cross. We must have a tender heart before God and turn from our sin. If we are free in Christ, we are free of condemnation. To be in Christ means to experience new generation and new birth – real conversion.

PT30 – Ezekiel’s Temple – 7/15/2003 – This lesson is about the protection of God that you can’t afford not to know. It compares the temples of Moses, Ezekiel, and the New Jerusalem.

PT31 – Ezekiel’s Temple Continued – 7/21/2003 – The certain and soon coming destruction of the United States. Information about the Statue of Liberty.

PT32 – Prophecy in History – Statue of Liberty information – 7/30/2003 – What about criticism about prophecies? Difference between Old Testament prophets and New Testament prophets. The truth about the Goddess – Lady Liberty Enlightening the World – Statue of Liberty.

PT33 – Romans 13 – Who is Higher Power? – 8/5/2003 – This tape proves from Scripture that the powers the church is told to submit to in Romans 13 cannot be civil government.  Find out who the remnant is obligated to truly submit to, and hear Romans 13 taught as you have never heard it before.

PT34 – The King Who Loved the Most – Josiah – 8/12/2003 – The king who loved most was not King David as most think, but Josiah, God’s revival King. Josiah shows us what true revival really is and what it means to seek God. .His war on paganism and Idolatry touched the heart of God.

PT35 – Galatians 1:1-10 – 8/19/2003 – Man pleasers are not Christians but heretics. True Apostles and Prophets have no covering but the Lord Jesus Christ.

PT36 – Galatians 1:10-19 -8/26/2003 – Persuading people by confronting them with the truth.

PT37 – Galatians 1:20-29, 2:1-7 – 9/2/2003 – The Pre-trib Doctrine is clearly defined as another gospel. The trouble makers in the church at Galatia were non-Christian Jews.

PT38 – Galatians 2:8-16 – 9/9/2003 – Why we should openly rebuke apostate churches. The four justifications in Scripture and the “Once Saved Always Saved” doctrine shown to be false.

PT39 – Galatians 2:17-21, 3:1-18 – 9/16/2003 – How to avoid being bewitched. Who are the real children of Abraham? Who was the land promised to?

PT40 – Galatians 3:19, 4:1-8 – 9/24/2003 – Our adoption, inheritance, and baptism. The physical Jews today are NOT the seed of Abraham.

PT41 – Galatians 4:9-31, 5:1-9 10/07/2003 – Reject True God and the alternative is being overtaken by demonic forces. Judaism was perverted at the time of Christ. What was Paul’s affliction?


VR1 – Will of God 9/8/01

VR2- The Restrainer 9/22/01

VR3-The Four Horsemen

VR4-The Cult of Jesus – Acts 1:8-Short Wave 10/24/01

VR5-What Commandments?

VR7-The Church and The Kingdom – Acts 1:8-Short Wave 11/14/01

Romans Verse by Verse Study
VR8-Romans 1:1-15

VR9-Romans 1:16-32

VR10 – Romans 2:1-

Other topics
VR11 – The Only Foundation – Kevin, David, Donna

VR12 – Review and Prophets – David, Donna

VR13 – Laying on of Hands

VR14 – Ministering Unto The Lord

VR15 – Scheduled to Go Bad

VR16 – The Great No Mission Church

VR17 – How Many in Heaven?

VR18 – Truth is Simple / The Pattern

VR19 – Measuring the Temple

VR20 – Holy Ghost Bulldozer


Apologetics-Defending The Faith/Exposing Cults/Teaching Sound Biblical Doctrine

12 – 90 Min. Cassette Tapes  Love Gift $4.00 ea. or $40.00 Set of all


Pastor David Carrico and Pastor Leslie E. Tabb Jr.


3 & 4-FREEMASONRY – David


7 & 8-NEW AGE MOVEMENT – David

9 & 10-MORMONS – Les


13 & 14-ATTRIBUTES OF GOD – David








J1-Defending the Gospel Philippians 1:1-12

J2-Refutation of Soul Sleep Philppians 1:13-28

J3-The Deity and Dual Nature of Christ Philippians 1:29-2:13

J4-Divine Healing Philippians 2:14-30

J5-Justification By Faith Philippians 3:1-11

J6-Christian Perfection Philippians 3:12-15

J7-How to Have the Peace of God Philippians 3:16-4:9

J8-People Proofing Philippians 4:9-23(end)

J9-The Exclusiveness of The Gospel Galatians 1:1-12

J10-True Apostolic Ministry Galatians 1:13-2:9

J11-Crucified With Christ Galatians 2:10-21

J12-Oh Foolish Galatians Galatians 3:1-?

J13-Isaiah 58 – Our Platform For Spiritual Warfare & Intercession

J14-Believer’s Meetings For Spiritual Warfare & Intercession

J15-Gal. 3:8-14

J16-Gal. 3:15-4:7

J17-Gal. 4:7

J18-First Believers’ Meeting

J19-Matt. 16 Schools of Thought

J20-Gal. 5:1

J21-Gal. 5:16

J22-Gal. 5:14

J23-Gal. 5:24-end

J24-Ezekiel – The Prophetic Church

J25-Ezekiel – 1:28

J26-Ezekiel Ch. 4,5,6

J27-Daniel 1-3

J28-Ezekiel Priest into Prophet

J29-Ezekiel 9:8 Two Loud Voices

J30 – Structure of the New Testament Church

J31 – The Sin – Most Misunderstood Chapter Romans 6:1-11

J32 – Reckon Yourself Dead to Sin Romans 6:12-23

J33 – Victory through the Cross Romans 7:1-9

J34 – Sober Up-The Bride & The Whore Judges/Romans / 2 Cor. 11,& More

J35 – Are We the Bride or the Wife? (Donna C.) Romans 6 – Fallen Nature –

J36 – David -The End Time Pattern

J37 – Isaiah 58

J38 – Daniel – The truth about the End-Times

J39 – The Nephilem and Goddess Worship

J40 – More on Goddess

J41 – 5-Fold Ministry

J42 – Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven

J43 – Importance of the Blood / Mark of the Beast – Donna

J44 – Tyre

J45 – What God is up to

J46-Building on the Proper Foundation

J47-Calling of God – Kevin

Who has heard the Voice of the Lord – Donna



We are currently producing a new (90 min.) cassette tape series on Verse by Verse Bible studies of the book of Philippians.

J1-Defending the Gospel (Phil. 1:1-12)
J2-Refutation of Soul Sleep (Phil. 1:13-28)
J3-The Deity and Nature of Christ (Phil. 1:29-2:1-13)
J4-Divine Healing (Phil. 2:14-30)
J5-Justification By Faith (Phil. 3:1-11)
J6-Christian Perfection (Phil. 3:12-15)
J7-How to Have the Peace of God (Phil. 3:16-4:9)
J8-People Proofing (Phil. 4:9-23 end)


Perfection & Counter Cult Series (Home Bible Studies)

Cassette Tapes  $4.00 ea. Suggested Love Gift

Speaker-David Carrico




CC NEW AGE BABYLON – New Age Movement and the New World in Bible Prophecy – Green Convention Center Annex

CC1 FREEMASONRY AND CHRISTIANITY NOT COMPATABLE – White Rose Church-David presents undisputable evidence.


CC3 MASONRY AND NEW AGE YOUTH – Morningside Presbyterian Church – Teen Sunday School Class


Current Issues                $3.00 ea. Suggested Love Gift

1 WHY PRO LIFE ? ABORTION HURTS WOMEN – Jan Haggerty, Exec. Dir. Prarie Pregnancy Services speaks at Victory Chapel Nazarene Church

Standing In The Gap Radio Ministry 1995

60 Min. Cassette Tapes / $4.00 ea. Suggested Love Gift

R1 JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES – Host David Carrico & guest Bro. Leslee Tabb 1/11/1995
Side B – 2nd Program 1/18/1995

R2 EASTERN STARS – Dr. Kathy Burns & Host – David Carrico 12/25/1995
Side B – Mick Oxley – Former Mason gives testimony. 1/25/1995

R3 DUNGEON’S & DRAGONS – Ken Tucker interviewed by Host – David Carrico Sides A & B /l/1995

R4 PERSONALITY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Speaker David Carrico 2/8/1995
Side B – THE DOCTRINE OF POSITIVE CONFESSION – Host David Carrico guest Bro. Leslie Tabb 2/15/1995

R5 THE DARK SIDE OF FREEMASONRY – Bro. Tabb interviews one of th authors, Daivid Carrico 2/22/1995
Side B – TOM MCKENNEY – interviewed by David Carrico 3/22/1995

R6 NEW AGE WORLDWIDE NETWORK – Speaker David Carrico 3/l/1995
Side B – MAN BECOMING GOD? 3/8/1995

R7 MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD – Speaker David Carrico 4/12/1995
Side B – MORMONISM – Speakers Ken Tucker & David Carrico 5/3/95

R8 LORDSHIP SALVATION Part I – David & Pastor Tim Smith 4/19/1995
Side B – LORDSHIP SALVATION Part II – David & Tim 4/26/1995

R9 PROSPERITY DOCTRINE – Speaker – David Carrico 3/l/1995
Side B – ESTABLISHING THE LAW THROUGH FAITH – Speaker David Carrico 4/5/1995

R10 EDUCATION AND THE CONFERENCE OF STATES – Barbara Simon & Jeanie Georges and Host 3/29/1995
Side B – WHY PRO-LIFE ? – Jan Haggerty and Host David Carrico 5/17/1995

R ll DEFENDING THE GOSPEL – Speaker David Carrico 5/31/1995

Side B – PART II Speaker David Carrico 6/14&21/1995


Standing In The Gap Conference 1995

Cassette Tapes / $4.00 ea. or $20.00 Set of all Sugg. Love Gift




4-ABORTION- David Street



7-A CALL TO ARMS- Jim Roddy




Tape Sets
1994 Mayfield, Ky –Seminar on Freemasonry

Speakers: David Carrico–Masonry and the Occult
Tom McKenney–How to Witness to a Mason
2 Tapes in one case / $8.00 Love Gift (tapes not available any other way)

FREEMASONRY EXPOSED – David Carrico Speaker

1993 & 1994 National Leadership Conference on Ministry to Masons

Freemasonry and the Worship of Lucifer (Resource No. LC14)/ Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies (Resource No. SLC5) and

Texarkana Seminar – Freemasonry & New Age Movement (Resource No. C14) 3 Tapes in one case / $ 10.00 Love Gift


Followers Of Jesus Christ Radio Programs 

Cassettes / $3.00 Suggested Love Gift

C1 Side A -DAVE HUNT (10/12/1990) Author of many books, such as “Seduction of Christianity” (co-author T.A. McMahon)exposes the dangerous influence of the New Age Movement in our churches and our lives, encouraging us to put our hope and trust in Jesus Christ.
Side B – TEXE MARRS – Freemasonry And The New Age -David Carrico-Host (7/6/1992)

C2 Side A – JOSEPH CARR (11/11/1990) Author of “The Twisted Cross” and “The Lucifer Connection” talks about the Occult connections of Adolph Hitler.
Side B – BILL STILL (10/28/1990) Author of “New World Order” Reveals the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, the New World Order, and how it has and will effect our government.

C3 Sides A & B – TOM MCKENNEY (5/18/1990) Co-author with Jim Shaw of “The Deadly Deception”. Describes the 33rd Degree Initiation Ceremony revealed or the first time in history along with other secrets of Freemasonry.

C4 Sides A & B – TOM MCKENNEY (12/8/1990) 2nd show about Freemasonry

C5 Side A – NA
Side B – GARY H. KAH – NEW WORLD ORDER – David Carrico – Host (5/4/1992)

C6 Side A – WHAT’S WRONG WITH FREEMASONRY ?? – David Carrico – Host (5/25/1992)
Side B – SO. BAPTIST MINISTER (Pierce Dodson) AND FREEMASONRY – David Carrico – Host (7/13/1992

C7 Side A – RALPH EPPERSON – J. F. K. ASSASSINATION – David Carrico – Host (5/18/1992)
Side B – TEXE MARRS – “DARK MAJESTY” – David Carrico – Host (10/5/1992)

C8 Sides A & B – BASIC NEW AGE INFORMATION (3/8/1993) David at Faith Free Will Baptist Church.

C9 Sides A & B – NOV. 1991 GOLDEN DAWN AND THE O.T.O. SEMINAR- Speaker – David Carrico

C10 Sides A & B – A MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH ON FREEMASONRY (12/15/1992) (Home Bible Study) A 90 min. message about this deadly deception that all Christians should hear about the Lodge.

C11 Sides A & B – LARRY KUNK – SECRET DOCTRINE OF MASONIC LODGE, David Carrico – Host (7/20/1992)

C12 Sides A & B – CHARLOTTE ISERBYT (12/31/1990) Author of “Back to Basics Reform” or * Skinnerian International Curriculum?, former School Board member and official in the U.S. Dept. of Education. This cirriculum is the primary vehicle for bringing about social, political, and economical change and is necessary for United States participation in a Socialist One World Government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century.

C13 Sides A & B – MORE ABOUT THE NEW AGE (2/27/1994) David at Victory Chapel Nazarene Church. Information about Shirley McClaine, etc.

C14 Sides A & B – FREEMASONRY AND THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT – Speaker – David Carrico in Texarkana, Texas (10/9/1993) Seminar at a Methodist church on Freemasonry and the part it plays in the coming New World Order.

C15 Side A – DR. LOREDA FOX – CHRISTIAN PSYCHOLOGIST & SRA – David Carrico – Host (6/29/1992)
Side B – DR. JAMES FRIESEN – UNDERSTANDING MPD – David Carrico – Host (7/20/1992

C16 Side A – ERIC BARGER – DARK SIDE OF ROCK MUSIC -11/27/90 David Carrico – Host


WWVR.FM  West Terre Haute, IN Radio Programs

Cassette Tapes

SPOTLIGHT ON CULTS – (15 Min. ) and GOD PLEASERS – (30 Min.)

4 Spotlight programs on each tape and 2 GOD PLEASERS programs on each tape for a Love gift of $5.00 per tape.

SC1 Channeling #1- #4

SC 2 Freemasonry #1 – #4

GP1 Why Apologetics ? Side B Ruth Montgomery-Herald of NA

GP2 The Deity of Christ #1 & #2

GP3 The Trinity #1 & #2

GP4 Prayer #1 & #2

GP5 O.T. Prophecies Fulfilled #1 & #2


T-Series /$4.00 Love Gift

T1 SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE-THE MASONIC CONNECTION–Texe Marrs Interviews David Carrico on World of Prophecy, International Radio Outreach of Texe Marrs and Living Truth Ministries

T2 INTERVIEW On WTVW Radio Terre Haute, IN – 1/22/97 David Carrico & Les Tabb

T3 INTERVIEW On KKCM 1530 AM Radio 3/22/97 Ed Field & David Carrico – Masons & Catholics

T4 INTERVIEW ON KCXL Liberty, Missouri 8/13/97 David Carrico – Masonry


Followers of Jesus Christ Fellowship Bible Studies

Cassettes / $4.00 Suggested Love Gift
P5-FAINT NOT 7/28/96
P8-WALL OF FIRE 3/19/97
BS4- DEMONS 2 3/4/97
BS8-PRAYER 7/7/96
BS9-INIQUITY PART 1 10/13/96(sorry, not taped yet)
BS10-INIQUITY PART 2 10/13/96
BS23-WAY OF ESCAPE 6/11/1997
BS26-WHAT IS REAL? 6/18/97
BS27-CURSES 6/25/97
BS33-JOY 8/6/97
BS34-KINGDOM OF GOD -Rom.14:17 8/17/97
BS41-THIS IS THAT 11/19/97
BS44-UNITY-PART I 12/14/97
BS45-UNITY-PART II 12/17/97
BS47-STAR WARS 1/4/98
BS55-LORD’S SUPPER 2/22/98
B59-SALVATION 3/18/98
B61-HOUSE OF GOD 4/1/98
B62-MAMMON 4/25/98
B63-WHAT IS SIN? 5/6/98
B64-FAITH 7/8/98