Please feel free to copy and print out any of these Bible Studies.  Since we feel the Bible is the authority, the majority of the studies are made up of Scriptures printed out with very little comment.  Some of them have cds of the studies available if you are interested.  Contact us if you are interested in them.  Pray as you read the studies for God to reveal His truth to you.

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BS 1-The Marks of a Cult

BS 2-People Proofing Yourself

BS 3-Attributes of Jesus

BS 4-How the Church Functions-Lesson 1

BS 5-How the Church Functions-Lesson 2

BS 6-How the Church Functions-Lesson 3

BS 7-The Deity of Jesus Christ

BS 8-The Deity of the Holy Ghost

BS 9-How to Deal with Fools

BS 10-What is Worship?

BS 11-The Anointing

BS 12-Enduring to the End

BS13-The Day of the Lord

BS 14-What’s Wrong With the Prosperity Doctrine?

BS 15-Understanding Bible and Preaching with Authority

BS 16-Dealing with Iniquity-Lesson 1

BS 17-Dealing with Iniquity-Lesson 2

BS 18-Origin of Satan and Demons

BS 19-Seven Doors of Demonization

BS 20-Plagues of Egypt and Revelation Compared

BS 21-The Truth About Christmas

BS 22-Jesus the Revolutionary

Bs 23-The Truth About the Roman Catholic Church

BS 24-Structure of the Satanic Kingdom

BS 25-The Origin of Christmas

BS 26 – Origin of Easter

BS 27 – Calvinism

BS 28-Why the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine is False

BS 29-The Ultimate Truth

BS 30-Alien Abduction and SRA compared

BS 31-Chart Comparing 1 Thessalonians 4-5 with Matthew 24



BS 34-Revelation Of False Communion – The Act Of Worship And Initiation Of The “ONE WORLD RELIGION” – SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL and BLOOD OF THE BEAST

E 50-What Happens when We Die?

Pagans in the Pulpit Article 

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