What started as a  Prayerathon has become a Monthly PRAYER-A-THON. We collect Prayer Requests from our Special Form on this PRAYER-A-THON page on our web site and also from the YT Chat on the day of the PRAYER-A-THON. Each month we have a variety of members of our Remnant Family who come together in our apartment and take turns in our office because they  want to pray for your PRAYER-A-THON Requests.

Monday – November 20th, 2023 FOJC PRAYER-A-THON
4:30 PM on Underground Church FOJC


PRAYER-A-THON Prayer requests Using our “New Form” below must be received before 1 PM CST on the day of our live on air PRAYER-A-THON broadcast. 

Please KEEP YOUR REQUESTS BRIEF and TARGETED.   We have limited Your PRAYER-A-THON request to Words to 75, so that we can process as many prayers as possible from our thousands of listeners.   Please put some breaks/spaces (not one long paragraph) as it makes emails hard to read.  

OR you may POST YOUR PRAYER REQUEST in the LIVE CHAT FEATURE during our Monthly Prayer-a-thon Live Stream on YouTube UNDERGROUNDCHURCH FOJC

You can send your PRAYER-A-THON requests Now and we will save them to be read on the upcoming one. Any PRAYER-A-THON requests sent to OUR CONTACT EMAIL for our MONTHLY Prayer-a-thon meetings must have PRAYER-A-THON in the Subject Line OR they will NOT be included in our Monthly PRAYER-A-THON meetings.  We will print out your Form and Your Request will be read by our volunteer FOJC Radio team of some of our local listeners. We will NOT share Contact info of Your last name, or the person mentioned in your request publicly.

Use the Form below as it will make it easier for us to sort Emails.  

  Don’t forget to Click SUBMIT button or we will NOT receive your Prayer Request.  If you use the Form above, It will come directly to Lastdayschurch@cs.com, so no need to send your message twice.  You will receive a Conformation Response after you Click on the Submit button, proving we received your Information.