Here you will find all of our past and current recorded programs and teachings! Podcasts are Audio files only.

Through the years since the start of our ministry in 1984, we have tried to organize our audio teachings by the different arenas where we were teaching.  To help you understand our categories, we have included a brief explanation. If you cannot find the particular subject you are interested in, just Contact us and perhaps we have not uploaded it yet as we have many old cassettes we plan to convert to mp3 media.

To Download Podcasts

  1. Choose and Open Category (FOJC Radio Remnant Gathering)
  2. Click on a Teaching (430 – Last Days ***)
  3. Under Title Choose “Play in New Window”
  4. In the New Window with player Click on the Dots and Choose Download
  5. It will then be downloaded to a MP3 file on the bottom Left of you Screen
  6. From Your Download files Organize how you want to Save Your downloaded files
  • FOJC Radio Remnant Gathering (formerly Radio Church) – the most recent teachings (Fridays 6 PM) done on our Radio Channel on this web site since we started in 2012. The teachings numbering from #164 to the current #300+ series are also made into videos on our FOJC Radio You Tube Channel along with other videos. We are gradually adding #1 thru 163 as we have editing time.
  • FOJC Radio SNLive (Sunday Night Live) – We are starting a new venture of video live streaming, but also audios of them when possible. Please be patient as we use some new software to accomplish this.
  • Revelation Revealed Now – verse by verse studies of the book of Revelation that is still in progress. Link is to videos on our FOJC Radio You Tube Channel.
  • Fundamentals – the basics any Christian needs to know.
  • Apologetics – deal with specific topics we need to understand to defend our faith.
  • Evansville Gathering –  mostly home meetings or small group settings.  Some were previously named HH for Heavenly High Rise as that is where we lived, and then changed title to Evansville Gathering. We apologize, but it just got too hard for us to continue to record and edit these meetings, so what you see on here is all we will be posting.
  • Misc Bible Studies – consist of some topics that our listeners frequently request not included in other series.
  • Interviews – various programs with us as guests or us interviewing others.
  • Perilous Times Report  – older teachings from our days on Christian Media Network on Short Wave radio.
  • Online Bible School – Link to page of audios of Two Levels of teachings if you are serious about Bible Study. Simply send your answers to us, David will grade and we will send you a certificate upon completion.
  • Ritual Abuse and Healing Hour –  link to the page of Audios of Sister Donna’s ministry using wisdom of the holy Spirit, practical advice, and music to facilitate healing.
  • Music Hour several hours of various kinds of music with Sister Donna introducing each one and minimal dialogue. These are currently also available on this site.