Preparation Page Updated 3/3/2020

NOTICE: David L. Carrico of this ministry, Followers of Jesus Christ, is not on Facebook.  One of the other 200 David Carricos let us know that many of you are looking for him.  I am on Facebook as Donna Mae Carrico.

New Video Channel Links


Direct Link to Brighteon Channel

Or, Just type in FOJC Radio in search engine. When you find a video, Click on the FOJC Radio link under the title to go to the FOJC Channel with Videos and Playlists.  I have now made a play list for the newest FOJC Radio Remnant Gatherings – 401 – Newest. And more playlists for each 100 videos from FOJC Radio Remnant Gatherings all marked to save confusion. As I upload them, I will put them in the proper playlist.

I cannot put new videos I upload in any specific order just like You Tube. I can only put the Playlists in order.

This is a work in progress, so please be patient. Re-uploading 7 yrs of videos is not easy. Right now, I am trying to upload the most requested and then go back and upload ones that people have never heard before. If there is a specific one you are looking for, please let me know and I will try to get it uploaded asap.

Videos will be on both places, so you may want to check both channels and SUBSCRIBE to both places because the bulk of our older videos will be on Brighteon.

On May 9, 2020 our FOJC Radio You Tube Channel was hacked and disabled.  Please don’t forget, we have Podcasts which are exactly the same content as our videos were and include my music that I had to take out for You Tube.  Jon Pounders is helping to set up a new You Tube Page Link – UNDERGROUND CHURCH FOJC RADIO

Since we are blocked from saving, uploading, subscribing, on You Tube, etc. Jon has to upload when he has time.  We have decided to create another video channel FOJC Radio at link – BRIGHTEONIt will take a while to get 7 yrs. worth of videos uploaded. 

 THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST SERIES and THE VAULT VIDEOS are with Jimmy Cooper at Jimvision on You tube.
Thanks for your concerns and prayers.
FaceBook Alternative ALLSOCIAL.COM
Since FaceBook will no longer allow links to our New Brighteon Channel, we are beginning to use ALLSOCIAL as our new social page.  So far TWITTER has not stopped the links to Brighteon.

Playlists on New Brighteon

We are thrilled to share our New Playlists on our Brighteon Channel. These Playlists are the most requested answers to people’s questions. Both Underground Church FOJC on You Tube are works in progress, but we are off to a good start after our original FOJC Radio You Tube got hacked and removed. We are putting the majority of our older videos that were on You Tub on the Brighteon channel and selected ones on the Underground Church FOJC Channel. Our Newest Videos will also be on a Playlist – FOJC Radio Remnant Gathering – 401 – Newest.

Targeted Individuals – Scott Hensler, Julia Thomas, and yet to be uploaded Julia and Karen Connell programs deal with that issue.

Freemasonry – Various teachings including one unique program about women and children’s Freemasonry organizations.

AbuseHurtMe2 – Sister Donna’s videos. Various topics and songs from the Lord.

Miscellaneous Programs – Just extra videos that people have requested info on.

Halloween – Best Info on the truth about this obviously pagan holiday. We also have a Halloween page on our site.

Lie if the Tithe and Dispensational Info – These videos explain how these false teachings have divided the people of God. We have more on the Pre-Trib Rapture false teaching on our site.

Flat Earth – Just a few videos explaining our journey in to this controversial belief.

New Spiritual Warfare – In the last few years, the Lord has given us new prayer strategies.

False Communion – This explains the Revelation the Lord gave Sister Donna in 2001 and also proper understanding of Communion or the Lord’s Supper. We also have some more info and videos on our site on this topic.

Christmas – These videos are straight to the point about the pagan customs along with the page on Christmas on our site.

Revelation Revealed – David has been teaching a verse by verse study of the book of Revelation. We will be adding more videos as we do them.

Bible Translation Dangers This help expose many of the bad translations and why. We offer info on where to purchase KJV Bibles on our site. We do not get any money for recommending these sites.

Thousand Year Millennial Reign – Many people have trouble sorting out this topic. David offers sound Biblical understanding for you.

The Doctrine of Christ is now on JimVision since our You Tube channel was taken down. Bro Jimmy Cooper felt compelled by the Lord to create this project with David as the body needs to understand exactly what the Doctrine of Christ.


“From the FOJC Vault” Since we started our ministry in 1984, we have recorded almost every teaching David has ever done. We will be adding these older teachings to our new playlist. Please keep in mind the phone numbers or program days are old and we have the current info included at the end of each video. Jimmy is currently uploading those teachings to his channel.

As the years pass, and we gain further revelation, some of our older teachings may not accurately reflect our current beliefs, but there is so much good content, that we ask our listeners to give us some grace and understanding in this matter. Thanks for listening and loving and praying for us.

Podcasts Page Up Now!

Our site is always under construction we are still adding to our Podcast Page, and do not have all our archives uploaded at this time.  We will no longer use 4-Shared for our Archives. We apologize for any problems 4-shared caused as we did not know about the ads it was displaying.

~~~ EVENTS ~~~

Special Events Cancelled for now Due to COVID19

We do apologize as we just got the notice that all events here in our building are cancelled. til further notice. We know that you all understand in this time of troubles in our world. We may set something up online. Watch here for further notice.


Independence Square
201 W Delaware St
Evansville, IN 47710

Parking across from Entrance and on West Side of Building.

Inside Entrance of Building to your Right in the Dining Room. This is a handicapped facility, so wheel-chairs or walkers and bathrooms are easy access. Inside double doors will be locked, so knock if we do not see you there.


We will provide: Food & utensils, coffee, tea & ?

What to Bring: Bibles, pens, paper, Hunger for God! Sweater or Jacket, as room is sometimes chilly. Your own special drink if you prefer.

You Must Register Here telling us How Many will be coming as Seating is limited to 50 having enough room for food and people.

Comfort Inn 3901 Hwy 41 N is next to Denny’s Restaurant – ask for Church Rate and tell them you are with Followers of Jesus Christ and Donna Carrico

Hotels about 10 – 15 min from Meeting
Motel 6 is cheap, but not nearly as nice as others. Also, hotels on Fares are not good either.


Special Speaker – February 16, 2020 – 6 PM Central – Rick Doninger – was instrumental in discovering the truth about the Blue House SRA cases here in Evansville. He sharED what God has put on his heart for our time now. Jimmy Cooper and Azexia Wilgers ministered corporate worship.

We were thrilled to have our 1st Annual Sederless Passover Celebration April 21st, 2019. Almost 50 people attended and all had a blessed time.

Photos of the Event Here

Finally a Passover Lesson to answer your questions!

The Sederless Passoverh

Please accept our big Thank You for all your prayers and love gifts. We apologize for the delay in getting checks deposited and orders sent out. We are doing OK, but I am still catching up.


For Women (and also Men involved) who have had Abortions, Miscarriages, and People who have lost their children, and for those who had to Sacrifice their children in SRA or other cult rituals, and those who have children who committed suicide. It will include a CD with Music for ceremony to “Deliver The Children” to the Lord to help with Closure, Freedom, and Healing in these issues, and to facilitate delivering the child into the presence of Father God. It is important for people to have closure, freedom, and healing. This Resource is being offered for a small love gift (Suggested $25.00) to cover postage, book, CD, and Printed materials.

It includes Renunciation words and a brief explanation of Salvation and Sample Prayer, so that it can be given to others who are not yet believers in hopes that they may come to know the Lord. This resource will provide a simple way for you to minister to a person who has experienced any of these issues.

This Resource includes:
• Renunciation Ceremony with Scriptures
• Burial box (or handkerchief)
• CD with Music to play as you “Deliver The Children” to the Lord
• Cards to record Names of Child and Parents, and Dates and Personal Notes (2 sets – 1 to put in burial box and 1 for you to keep)
• We have also included a copy of our Victims to Victors book because there are usually other issues that need to be dealt with in your life.

  • 1 – Ceremony For Abortion Closure
  • 2 – Ceremony For those who have had to Sacrifice their children in SRA or other cult rituals for Closure
  • 3 – Ceremony For those who had Miscarriages for Closure
  • 4 – Ceremony For those who have Lost their children for Closure (including suicide)

Use Contact page to order “Deliver the Children” Resource and to give love gift. (Suggested $25.00)

Abortion Info Here

Got a Testimony or Picture or Both?

Do you want to send them so we can post on our site? Use the Contact page to send a short testimony, or email us at to include your picture.

New Free Books

New Free Booklets



David is also the host on Now You See TV for the Midnight Ride Every Saturday night (and other programs on their Subscription network) from 10 PM Central to Midnight. Just choose Live Feed to join the NYSTV Chat Room and to hear Programs.

Or you can view them recorded on NYSTV You Tube Channel.


We had an old site at We have stopped using that link. Just adding this note to clarify. Please continue to use this site for the newest information.