Enjoy these Music Hours that I created.  A huge variety of music is included.

AUDIO FOR SICK AND DYING – I created an audio file after a prompting from the Lord. I have been present at many bedsides of those who are dying and wanted to share some thoughts, scriptures, and music that may give them peace and comfort. If you are overwhelmed, and do not know what to say, just play this audio and let God do His wonderful work. It cannot be uploaded to You Tube because of copyright on the music, but you can share the audio on your phone or tablets, etc. I pray it helps others as many times families and friends just do not know what to say at bedsides of the sick or dying.

For the Sick or Dying
1 Music Hour 01-06-13
2 Music Hour 01-20-13
3 Music Hour 02-03-13
4 Music Hour 04-21-13
5 Music Hour 07-10-13
6 Music Hour 10-29-13
7 Music Hour 12-16-13
8 Music Hour 04-27-14
9 Music Hour 2-22-15
10 Music Hour – 9-3-16
11 Music Hour 8-03-18