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Lucifer Son of Satan – The Nephilim King – David Carrico 8-02-16


Multiple Personality Disorder (DID)- Split for a Dark Purpose w/ Donna Carrico 8-05-16

Transhumanism, Transmutation and the Inhuman Conspiracy with David Carrico and Jon Pounders (Google Hangout) 7-30-16

501 c 3 House on Haunting Hill with David Carrico and Jon Pounders 7-06-16

Demonic Secrets – Generational Evil with David Carrico 6-13-16

Land of Dark Prophets and the Evil Shepherd with David Carrico 4-22-16

Ritual Abuse and the Luciferian Connection with David & Donna Carrico 2-16-16

Are Lucifer and Satan the Same? David Carrico upcoming lecture 8-01-16

DEFEAT Elemental Spirits, Poltergeists, Archons and Fallen Angels w/ David Carrico 7-16-16

The Illuminati Playbook – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion w/ David Carrico 7-23-16

Demonic Deliverance and Possession- What You NEED to Know– Tim Thompson and The Carrico’s 4-24-16

The Secret War of the Ancients and The Abomination of Desolation- w/ David Carrico & Josh Peck 8-06-16

Eating Snake Eggs- The Return of the Basilisk w/ David Carrico  8-13-16

Is Lucifer the Son of Satan NYSR on TFR 8-14-16

The Pre Adamic Race and The Gap Theory w/ David Carrico 8-20-16

The Witching Hour – The District of the goddess Columbia 8-23-16

The Secret- Breaking The Protection Spell w/ Thomas Dunn  8-24-16

IIs America “Mystery Babylon”? The Secret to Unlock Prophecy w/ David Carrico 8-27-16

Rob Skiba – Gary Wayne – David Carrico – Jon Pounders Conference Discussion  8-29-16

Was The Book of Job Antediluvian? w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 9-03-16

Gates of the gods- Underground Secrets w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico 9-10-16

“Stranger Things” EERIE Occult Connection 9-16-16

Decoding The Ancients 9-17-16

MK Ultra The Dark Awakening wi/ Matthew Pauly and David Carrico 9-27-16

The Mystery of the 144,000 in Revelation- w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 10-06-2016

Warning: Possible Coming False Rapture Event w/ David Carrico on NYSTV10-08-16

Is Lucifer the Son of Satan – TFR – Jon & David – 10-14-16

Priory of Sion: Fringe Secret Society- w/ Gary Wayne & David Carrico on NYSTV10-29-16

Lucid Dreaming- Traveling with Entities w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 11-05-16

The BEST kept Secrets of the Freemasons: Flat Earth ( Zetetic Astronomy) w/ David Carrico 11-19-16

Part 1 – Mystery of the 1000 Year Reign w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 11-12-16

Part 2 – Mystery of the 1000 Year Reign w/ David Carrico on NYSTV  12-21-16

Has Man Found The Technology of the Ancient Sons of God?- w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico 11-26-16

PizzaGate Fact Check Has Elites Nervous and Scrambling to Destroy Evidence! 11-28-16

True Legends- Little Nephilim: w/ David Carrico & Gary Wayne12-10-16

Exposing Technology Mind Control w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico on NYSTV 12-17-16

What is the Doctrine of Yeshua (Jesus)? w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 12-28-16

The Amazing Prophecy of the Book of Enoch w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico 1-08-2017

The Return of the Arc of The Covenant and The Order of The Eagle w/ David Carrico 1-12-17

Illuminati Bloodlines and Surviving Giants Exposed w/ Gary Wayne & David Carrico 1-15-17

The Lucifer Project- A liar from the beginning w/ Robbie Davidson & David Carrico 1-28-17

The Luciferian Doctrine of the Grace Revolution w/ David Carrico 2-8-17

Freemasonry and Christianity, Are They Compatible? w/ David Carrico 2-11-17

The Mysterious Essenes w/ Gary Wayne & David Carrico on NYSTV 2-25-2017


Right and Left Handed Path of Magic Exposed w/ David Carrico3-04-17

Part 2:Right and Left Handed Path of Magic Exposed w/ David Carrico 3-04-17


The Power of God’s Commands: w/ Michael Lake and David Carrico3-07-17


The Disturbing Evil Plan to Bring on the New World Order (Part 1) w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 3-08-17

The New World Order (Part 2) Cometh – Dark Days and the Age of Magic w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 3-08-17

The New World Order (Part 3) Cometh – Dark Days and the Age of Magic w/ David Carrico on NYSTV 3-08-17

“Project Montauk – The Philadelphia Experiment” – w/ David Carrico & Scott Hensler 3-18-17

The Kingdoms of the Fallen and Nebuchadnezzar”s Dreams w/ David Carrico and Ali Siadatan 3-25-17

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation Exposed w/ David Carrico 3-29-2017

Passover (This do in remembrance of me) w/ Donna Beccia Carick and David Carrico 4-01-17

Reptilians and the Bloodline of Kings: MIDNIGHT RIDE w/ David Carrico 4- 22-17

Worldwide Gnosticism- The Ancient Serpent Cult w/ David Carrico & Gary Wayne 4-29-17

The Generation the Dragon Fears: w/ Torah Town Cast & David Carrico 5-4-17

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ and it’s blind Watchmen on the Wall w/ David Carrico 5-13-17

Legend of the feathered serpent – The BIGGEST religious cover up in History 5-20-17

Beware of False Prophets: True Revival Vs. False Revival- w/ David Carrico & Carl Tichenor 5-27-17

Midnight Ride: Why are people leaving the Church to Follow the Messiah? w/ David Carrico 6-17-17

Survivors of Dark Practices- Broken Peaces w/ Dr. Gregory Reid & David Carrico 6-24-17

Midnight Ride: The Special Power of Prayer w/ David Carrico & Julia Thompson 7-1-17

The Mysterious Essene- From Ancient Times to Present Day w/ David Carrico & Gary Wayne 7-15-17

True and False Passover with David Carrico 7-26-17

The Genesis Revelation – Flat Earth Apocalypse w/ Rob Skiba & David Carrico on NYSTV 7-29-17

August 21st Eclipse, Prophetic Murals, The Great Pyramid, and Revelation 12 September 23rd 8-5-17

Book of Enoch Commentary – Episode 3 with Jon Pounders and David Carrico 8-03-17

Flat Earth: Why Are So Many People Starting to Believe? w/ David Carrico & Robbie Davidson 8-12-17

The Lie of the Tithe on the Midnight Ride 8-19-17

Midnight Ride: Brood of Vipers -The Synagogue of Satan w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders on NYSTV 9-02-17

The Golem- The Magic of the Hebrew Incantations w/ David Carrico – 9-07-17

Ancient Watchers: Channeling Entities, Fallen Angel Texts, UFO, and Universal Mind w/ Jon Pounders 9-09-17

Reptilians and the Uprising of the Cannibal Spirit Curse w/ David Carrico & Jon Pounders 9-23-17

Flat Earth and Spiritual Warfare with David Carrico Feast of Trumpets 9-27-17

Kabbalah, Talmud, and The Female Holy Spirit w/ Michael Lake & David Carrico 10-04-17

Knights of Satan: Foot Soldiers of the Ancient Order w/ Gary Wayne & David Carrico 10-07-17

Surely We Have Inherited Lies- Truth over Traditionwith David Carrico, Kevin Shepherd, Workman family and friend, Ricky Caven,  Patty Hall & Jon Pounders 10-14-17

Hebrew Roots and Messianics GONE WILD : The Denial of The Master 10-18-17

The Return of the Ancient Rephaim and the Congregation of the Dead 10-21-17

Midnight Ride: Halloween Mystery and Origins w/ David Carrico and Gary Wayne 10-28-17

The Chinese Nephilim Invasion and Gog Connection 11-04-17

The Book of Enoch and The Warning for a Final Generation w/ David Carrico & Jon Pounders  11-08-2017

Mothman and Supernatural Manifestations with David Carrico, John Hall, & Jon Pounders 11-15-17

Quantum Theory and the Spiritual Significance of Mysticism with David Carrico, Julia Thompson, & Jon Pounders 11-18-17

The 5 Satans: The Return of the Ancient Dragons with David & Donna Carrico, and Jake Grant 11-25-17

Flat Earth and the Global Conspiracy with David Carrico,  Chris & Gigi Sager, Nathanial and Seth Kushenburg, & Jake Grant 12-03-17

Nephilim bones and Exavating the Truth with Joe Taylor, Jake Grant, & David Carrico 12-05-17

Married to a Programmed Multiple: Life after Ancient Magic Bloodlines with Nathan and Chelcia Reynolds and David & Donna Carrico & Jake Grant 12-09-2017

The Enoch of the Esoteric Scriptures w/ Gary Wayne, David Carrico, and John Hall 12-16-17

My little CHRISTMAS story w David Carrico, Shane Workman & family & friend, Donna Carrico 12-23-17

Prophecy of Deception: The Chaldean Magi and their influence on Jerusalem with David Carrico & Jon Pounders 12-30-17

The Beast, Mystery Babylon, Jerusalem and America Join David Carrico, Jon Pounders, and Jake Grant tonight as we discuss end times Bible Prophecy. 1-06-2018

Decoding Hidden Symbolism in Washington D.C. w/ Gary Wayne 1-13-2018

The Midnight Ride: Who is the Israel of the Scripture? The Error of the Modern Church with David & Donna Carrico and Nathan Reynolds 1-20-18

The Midnight Ride: Mary Jo Schneller, Ph.D on Programming, Ritual Mind Control, and Abuse on NYSTV w/ David Carrico 1-27-18  Sorry, but Mary Jo had Tech issues and David and Donna did continue and did this program.

10 Bloodlines of the Satanic Kings: Bible Prophecy and History with David Carrico & Jon Pounders 2-03-18

The Luciferian Doctrine of the Grace Revolution 2-09-18

Trans-humanism and the Genetic Manipulation w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico 2-11-18

The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico: The Nephilim Body Snatchers, Cloning and Alien Abductions CONNECTION 2-17-18

Dragons and Owls of Eternity: Dukes of Edomite and Amalekite Oath w/ Special Guest Gary Wayne 2-24-18

Part 2: 10 Bloodlines of the Satanic Kings: Bible Prophecy and History with David Carrico & Gary Wayne 3-03-18

The Indiana Illuminati: Spell of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan with David Carrico & Jon Pounders & John Hall 3-10-18

Why the Pre-Tribulation rapture may leave true believers “Left Behind”. w Jake Grant, Lou Comunale & David Carrico  3-13-18

Area 51, Underground mysteries and the Alien Agenda w/ Scott Hensler & David Carrico 3-17-18

Thrones and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places: Spiritual Warfare w/ special guest Julia Thompson & David Carrico  3-24-18

The Best Kept Secret of All Ages: Escaping the Judgment of the Magic Circle W David Carrico & Jon Pounders4-0718

Destroying Dark Strongholds and Breaking Chains of Wickedness w/ special guest Julia Thompson & David Carrico 4-14-18

Guarding The Covenant from the Evil One: w/ special guest Nathan Reynolds 4-21-18

International Child Abduction from Bloodline Family: Have you seen Him?with David & Donna Carrico 4-22-18

Armageddon and the New 5G Network Technology: w/ guest Scott Hensler  4-28-18

The Gibborim of King David and The Lion Men of Moab w/ Gary Wayne 4-05-18

Deciphering the Ancient Text of Melekh haGadol : Guardian of Understanding With David & Donna Carrico, Jon Pounders, & John Hall 5-12-18

The Second Nephilim / Fallen Angel Incursion at Sodom and Gomorrah w Gary Wayne & David Carrico 5-26-18

The Gibborim of The Mighty King in The Last Days- Bible Prophecy with Nathan Reynolds and David 6-02-18

The Master Conspiracy Theory: How Occult Technology and The Chiefs of Satan Conspire w/ special guest Ian Chadrick The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders 6-9-18

The Book of Jasher: Satan, Elemental Spirits, and the Sacrificeof Isaac w/ guest David Carrico on NYSTV – 6-12-18

The Ancient Trinity: Pagan or Scripture? The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders on NYSTV – 6-16-18

The Melchizedek and Cyclopean Architecture on NYSTV w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders 6-21-18

Lilith – the Monster Screech Owl – The Midnight Ride  w/ David Carrico & Jon Pounders 6-28-18

Flat Earth Phenomenon: Source Battle and Info War 6-30-15

Yeshua – the Cloud Rider w/David Carrico 7-5-18

The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico Who is Nostradamus 7-7-18

Haunted Deliverance Ministries and The Authority of His Name 7-14-18

Mind Makeover – Renewal & Freedom 7-19-18

The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders on NYSTV How does the demonic spirit of Jezebel work? 7-21-18

Breaking Free from the Plantation and Living your Purpose:  7-26-18

Overcoming the Evil One with Karen Connell, Julia Thompson, John Hall & David Carrico  7-28-18 spiritual warfare, and how best to overcome the wiles of the Devil and walk the straight and narrow.

The way of Escape on the Day of the Lord w/ David Carrico and Jake Grant8-2-18

Human Farming – Withering the Pleasure Principles w/ David Carrico and sister Jessica 8-4-18

Dealing with the Loss of A Loved One: Set Free w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders 8-9-18

The Midnight Ride w/ David Carrico and Jon Pounders: True Story of an Illuminati Hitman- Snatched from the Flames with special guest Nathan Reynolds 8-11-18

How To Overcome Anxiety and Depression? – Set Free Join David Carrico and Jon Pounders 8-06-18

Los Angeles- The City of Fallen Angels: The Hidden Mystery of Hollywood Stars 8-18-18

Dark Ritual of the Secret Order Midnight Ride w David Carrico & Jon Pounders 5-25-18

Special Panel for TOTWC 2018 8-26-18

Set Free w/ Jon Pounders & David Carrico Overcoming Opposition : Set Free w/ Special Guest Dr. Michael Lake 8-30-18

Nibiru- Planet X: The Shocking Doomsday Truth Midnight Ride 9-01-18

David Carrico Flat Earth and Spiritual Warfare Part 1: Take On The World Conference 2017 9-03-17

David Carrico Flat Earth and Spiritual Warfare Part 2: Take On The World Conference 2017 9-03-17

Three Evidences of the Baptism in the Holy Ghost David Carrico 9-13-18

What is in the Devil’s Music w Alan Aguirre Midnight Ride 9-15-18

Giant Angels Chained in Hollow Earth and The Seething Energies of Lucifer Unveiled Midnight Ride 9-22-18

The Seven Archangels in the Book of Enoch: 7 Eyes and Spirits of God 9-29-18

 Masters of The Ancient Wisdom: The Seven Root Races 

Dark Order of Infiltrators and Secrets: Worldwide Control 10-13-18

This Secret Can’t Get Out: Cover Up, Lies, and Absolute Wickedness 10-20-18

Mystery of Dark Science and The End of Humanity 10-27-18

The Wizards of Old and The Great White Brotherhood w David & Jon 11-3-18

Enoch Taken By Elohim in The Book of Jasher w David & Jon 11-10-18

English Royal Order of The Beast: Bloodlines Converge
 w/ David Carrico 12-1-18

EVIDENCE of LITTLE NEPHILIM Alien HYBRIDS Discovered Throughout History 12-8-18

The Secret Nation of Baal and Magic 12-15-18

Los Angeles- The City of Fallen Angels: The Hidden Mystery of Hollywood Stars and Giant Angels Chained in Hollow Earth and The Seething Energies of Lucifer Unveiled 12-20-18

Lucifer and The Female Pope in Prophecy: Midnight Ride 12-22-18

End Times Bible Prophecy and The Third Temple Ritual for the Man Of Sin 12-29-18


WHAT IS OUR REAL HISTORY? Ancient Red Haired Mummies and Catacombs under USA 1-5-2019

The Scary History of Psychological Operations- Mind Control- and Medical Experimentation. 1-12-2019

The Mystery of the Rod of Moses and the Staff of Nimrod 1-26-2019

The Mysterious Cloak of Power and Authority: Rulers and Bloodlines 2-02-2019

The Voice from Hell- The Philosophical Knight Kadosh and Kabbalah Skull of Secrets 2-9-19

The Nature of the ARCHONS and the Doctrine of the Serpent 2-16-19

The Apostolic Foundation, Shane Workman Family & Chris & Gigi Sager – The Midnight Ride2-23-19

Raising Abaddon (Angel of Death): Knights of the East and West 2-2-19

Ancient Origins of Mardi Gras: The Black-hearted King and Mistick Krewe of Comus 3-9-19

The Lost Kingdom of Tartaria and The Ancient Key to Uncover History

The Ancient Drag Queen and The Fall of Jerusalem w/David and Jon 3-23-19

Human Cloning and Walk Ins: Real Life X FILES 3-30-19


Deliverance Ministry with David & Donna Carrico, Jerad Kratzer, Thomas Dunn 11-20-2017

Babylon Busters: Priory of Sion and the Pre-Adamic Race w/ David Carrico and Gary Wayne 9-15-16

Now You See Radio on Truth Frequency Radio

Jesuit Infiltration and the False Prophet – David Carrico 8-04-16

Is Lucifer the Son of Satan? 8-13-16

The Two Witnesses and the End of Days – 9-03-16

Eating Snake Eggs and the Return of the Basilisk 9-10-16

SKYWATCH TV –  Josh Peck Program w Jake R

TSR 127: SKY-FIRE Invading EARTH with DAVID CARRICO 10-26-2016


Revolutionary Radio with David & Donna Carrico: Freemasonry and SRA 8-8-16



Secret Satanic Practices of the Global Elite with David Carrico10-23-16


False Communion – Donna Carrico 8-01-16

Post tribulation rapture – David Carrico 7-28-16

Egyptian Masonic connection, Freemasonry Exposed with David Carrico 8-22-16

Episode #3 – Lost Eden with David Carrico 10-27-16


Out of Darkness with David and Jon Pounders 7-26-16

Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Blue House with David and Jon Pounders 4-03-16

Roundtable Discussion with Gary Wayne, David Carrico, Donna Carrico and Jon Pounders 8-14-16

The Illuminati’s Satanic Connection EXPOSED (TVC Podcast w/ Special Guest  Jon & David) 7-26-16

David & Donna Carrico : Fremasonry & Satanic Ritual Abuse 3-11-16

Deception Games EP#7 David Carrico New Age Doctrine Infiltration 7-19-16

D13 LIVE! Ep#12 David Carrico & NYSTV – Transhumanism 8-05-16