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TABLES: Similar and Dissimilar Accounts by Category

TABLE 1: Set and Setting
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Examining TableAlter Table
White SheetWhite Sheet / Black Rug
X-Ray Headgear Wires
Sperm Collection Device
ECT Polygraph Shockers
Headgear Wires Cattle Prods
Surgical Needles
Implant Instrument
Knives Daggers Pins
New Space Writing Symbols
Old Writing Symbol, Letters, Numbers
Circles, Triangles
Circles (pentagram), Triangles
Tracking DevicesTracking Devices
Eyes : Scary / CalmingEyes : Scary / Demonic
Clothes Worn:
Skintight Capes
Hoods (gray, white, black)
Clothes Worn:
Loose Fitting Capes
Hoods (brown, white, black)
Bright Light : Initiating EventBright Light : to Torture or Intimidate
Clamps, Chains, Ropes, Belts
Electrical Energy:
Experiments To Heal
To Transfer Information
Electrical Energy:
To Torture or Intimidate
To Eradicate Information
TABLE 2: Perpetrators
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
“Being” in Charge
Others Subservient (Aliens, Extra-terrestrials / Humanoids)
High Priest/Priestess in Charge
Others Subservient (Satanists/Cultists, humans)
Reptilian Creatures
Beasts / Reptilian Creatures / Cartoon Characters (Transformations)
“Men in Black”“Men in Black”
“Shadows in Mind”“Shadows in Mind”
TABLE 3: Messages Given
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Told “You Are Special”Told “You Are Special”
“We Will Return”“We Will Return”
“Do Not Tell”“Do Not Tell”
Told To “Breed”Forced To “Breed” (Women Breeders in the Cult – Babies for the Group)
TABLE 4: Locations To or Which Person Taken
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Inside a Circle: SpacecraftInside a Circle: Pentagram
Taken from CarKidnapped in Bed
Taken from BedKidnapped in Bed
Taken from Field / ForestTaken to Field / Forest
Taken from ParkKidnapped from Park
Not ReportedTaken from Basements, Churches, Schools, Cemeteries
TABLE 5: Psychological Sequela
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Amnesia for ExperienceAmnesia for Experience
Bonding with AlienBonding with Cult / Coerced
Memory Loss: Enforced (Light, Instruments, etc)Memory Loss: Enforced (Brainwashing Techniques)
Drugged: Feel Euphoric / AnesthetizedDrugged: LSD Anectine Curare Atropine Alcohol,etc Belladonna Heroin Cocaine Roots & Herbs
Pain: Medical Procedures Experimentation, “Feel like I was being torn apart”Pain: Important for Compliance, “Feel like they tore my heart out”
Felt Trapped: “Nowhere to Run”Felt Trapped “Nowhere to Hide”
Paranormal Experiences: ESP Out-of-Body/Astral TravelParanormal Experiences: ESP Out-of-Body/Astral Travel
Emotions Experienced: Terror / Fear / Anxiety / “A Calming”Emotions Experienced: Terror / Fear / Anxiety (Disassociates to avoid pain)
Paranoia: “They Are Coming Back”Paranoia: “They Are Coming Back”
Deep Painless WoundsDeep Painless Wounds (Disassociates to avoid pain)
Sleep DifficultiesSleep Difficulties (Disrupted Sleep Cycles)
Visual DisturbancesVisual Disturbances
Sexual DisturbancesSexual Disturbances
Obsessive ThoughtsObsessive Thoughts
Threats : Seen as CaringThreats : Seen as Abusive
Not ReportedPersonality Layering
Self-Mutilation (few)Self Mutilation
Suicidal: After Disclosure, feel they are victimsSuicidal: After Disclosure, feel they are victims
Fear of HypnosisFear of Hypnosis
Not ReportedGod Phobic
Not ReportedSurvivor Guilt
TABLE 6: Violations Against Free Will
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Not ReportedMarriage to Satan
Forced Intercourse (male & female)Ritual Rape (male & female)
Forced ImpregnationForced Impregnation
Removes FetusCaesarean Section
“Missing Fetus Syndrome”Child Taken Before Term
Collection of Sperm SamplesCollection of Orgasmic Secretions (Used in Rituals)
Not ReportedForced to Kill
Forced to Memorize NamesForced to Forget Names
Isolated from Other Humans / ObserversIsolated from Other Humans / Observers
Not ReportedForced to Drink Blood (animal & human)
Not ReportedForced to Select Who is Killed (Extremely Traumatic)
Not ReportedPornography, Snuff Films, Prostitution,Drug Trafficking
None ReportedProgrammed to Perform Antisocial Acts (Hits)
Shown Films of DestructionShown Films of Destruction
Not Reported“Black Hole” (suspended headfirst into a dark deep pit)
Not ReportedRebirth Ritual: cow or human cavity opened, child inserted, left until end of ritual (born again to Satan)
AbductionForced Kidnapping: Babies / Adults / Christians (for sale, indoctrination, sacrifices)
Not ReportedNecrophilia (sex with cadaver)
Not ReportedCannibalism
Cattle MutilationsAnimal & Human Sacrifices
Nude on TableNude on Alter
TABLE 7: Philosophy / Beliefs
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Religious ThemesReligious Philosophy
Opposition of God (Satan is Ruler)
Uses Information from Humans to help humanoid DevelopmentUses Power over Humans to Control & Preserve Belief System
Belief in Ultimate War
(nuclear disaster)
Belief in Ultimate War
3×666=1998 Armageddon
Preparation for Survival of RacePreparation for Survival of Cultic Beliefs
Belief that Abductee is Protected by Having Memories BlockedBelief that RA Survivors will die if Memories are Retrieved
Belief that Aliens are Good:
Trying to Help Humans
Belief that Satanists are Evil:
Trying to Destroy Humans
Future Important: SurvivalFuture Important: 3×666=1998
Babies are ImportantBabies are Important
Aliens are “Superior Beings”Satanists / Cultists are Intelligent to Evade Detection
Not ReportedProstitution Necessary to bring Money to Group
TABLE 8: Personal History
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Age at First Initiation: 5-6 (average reported)Age at First Initiation: 6 (average reported)
History of Incest Reported by FewHistory of Incest Reported by Most
History of Physical Abuse Reported by FewHistory of Incest Physical Abuse by Most
History of Alcoholism Reported by FewHistory of Alcoholism / Drug Abuse / Bulimia / Anorexia / Sexual Addiction
Friend Involved Sometimes (Witnesses)Friends Involved Sometimes (to recruit)
TABLE 9: Timetable
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Random AbductionsCalendar for Rituals
Not ReportedAnniversary Dates (cause great amount of fear for Survivor)
Abductions Occur Day or NightKidnapping of Survivor to Return to Coven Occur Day or Night
Long Range Study of AbducteeLong Range Exploitation of Initiate
One Report of Being Abducted on BirthdayPersonal Birthday is highest of All Satanic Holidays
Not ReportedMoon Cycles Followed
TABLE 10: Wounds & Scars Observed
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Physical Wounds:
Scars / Bruises / Incisions / Burns / Radiation Burns
Physical Wounds:
Scars / Bruises (in patterns) / Incisions / Burns / Whip Marks
Implants: Objects X-Rayed (in nose and other parts of body including head)Implants: Few Cases (bones, objects in body including head)
NosebleedsNot Reported
Not ReportedCarved Symbols on Body
Not ReportedMissing Digits : L/Hand (Little Finger, Ring Finger at Center Knuckle) Toes and Fingers Missing
Not ReportedTattoos: Satanic Coven Symbols
Not ReportedVaginal / Rectal Scars
Missing Uterus observed by Alien ExaminationMissing Uterus
Not ReportedMissing Nipples
TABLE 11: Patterns
Alien Abduction AccountsRA Survivor Accounts
Amnesia usually effective until Abductee’s Adult Life (or Childhood Disclosures)Amnesia usually effective until Survivor’s Adult Life (or Childhood Disclosures)
Retractions After DisclosureRetractions After Disclosure
Visits by Men in BlackVisits by Men in Black
Wheat Field SymbolsNot Reported
Systematic Way to Gain Compliance (Assurance / Calming)Systematic Way to Gain Compliance (Torture / Fear)
Aliens Give Little Information but Want InformationCult Controls Information
Illnesses Cured by AliensIllnesses Cured by Witchcraft
References to: Force / Pressure / Presence / PowerReferences to: Force / Pressure / Presence / Power
Abductees Seem to Know Each OtherSurvivors Seem to Know Each Other
Aliens Seem to Know Everything about Abductee’s Family (shows movies of same)Satanists Seem to Know Everything about Survivor & Survivor’s Family
Abduction Accounts seem like an Invisible EpidemicSurvivor Accounts seem like an Invisible Epidemic
Difficult to Trace EvidenceDifficult to Trace Evidence
“Accommodation Syndrome”
Secrecy, Helplessness, Entrapment & Accommodation, Delayed Disclosure, Retraction
“Accommodation Syndrome”
Secrecy, Helplessness, Entrapment & Accommodation, Delayed Disclosure, Retraction

Source : Alien Discussions : Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference Held at M.I.T. Cambridge MA

These similarities have caused many researchers from different walks to believe that the experience is one and the same, with RA naturally being the more believable likelihood. The idea is put forth that those with alien abduction stories are/were really victims of a more “normal” type of abuse, and the alien abduction testimony is a sort of “screen memory,” either brought about by psychological conditioning (ie., exposure to popular media), suggestion of the (ahem) therapist, or actually placed by the perpetrators hypnotically to cover their actions.

However, critical comparison of this data reveals that an enormous amount of differences also appear, which equally cannot be ignored.

We believe that the events are actually two entirely different experiences, but with the same author. While we do not believe true space aliens are the perpetrators ……., many “alien” abduction scenarios have a much more spiritual basis and “use of non-human resources” than most SRA cases. However, the similarities reveal beyond a shadow of doubt that the methodology shares the same original source and goal (torment and programming of the individual, destruction of faith in God), although RA perpetrators are not always Satanists. (A small percentage of people who have contacted us can share distinct testimonies of being victims of both crimes, establishing a further link to the spiritual root beyond “method of operation.”)

Be encouraged that both experiences can be ended and healed with proper counseling. The above charts may be helpful in ascertaining your need. Use our pages for info about abductions, or refer to HERE to begin a search for experienced, survivors and ministers who specialize in recovery for ritualistic abuse victims.

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