These Topics are just a few that are major concerns of our ministry and answers to Questions that people are always wanting information on.

Bible we Recommend

We are asked repeatedly what Bible to use.  So here are links to answer that question.

This is one of the ones David uses.
If you want the Original apocrypha, you can get this version from there, too.

Another one in Paragraph form includes original KJV apocrypha, but Not the book of Enoch or Jasher. It comes in different styles and prices.

Another popular one is:
Or, you can use online versions of all the apocrypha – easy to find. I have a list, but too much to copy and send, but if there is one you cannot find, then just email me and I will see what I can find.

Here is an Apocrypha with more books:
We use e-sword Every day.  It is easy to download and use.  So much for FREE.
We do not get any benefit or funds for promoting any of these sites, except to know we have gave you good links to help you in your study of the word of God.

Why there is NO Pre-Trib Rapture

Biblical Feasts

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Pagan Origins of Easter

Pagans in the Pulpit

Pagan Origins of Christmas

Catholic Belief Information


The Ultimate Truth

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