We have researched the Masons and related organizations since 1984 and have a large library of the books they use.  Therefore, when we quote our resources, we quote from a legitimate source. Here are some of the books we have written about the topic. We also offer many DVDs.

B2 $12.00 CHRISTIAN WORKER’S HANDBOOK – THE GUIDE FOR MINISTRY TO MASONS The ultimate in documentation of 33 topics with quotes from leading Masonic authors and Scriptures showing their incompatibility with God’s word. There is also some information about Eastern Star [check Ministry Links Page] and Shriners.

 B3 $12.00 THE GREAT SEAL OF THE U.S. – ITS OCCULT MEANING  – Traces the history of the Dollar Bill revealing the occult symbols.

 B4 $15.00 THE EGYPTIAN-MASONIC-SATANIC CONNECTION (Revised Edition with new documentation) – Compares the rituals. The symbols in each of these areas with drawings from Satanic ritual abuse victims and shows their connection with Freemasonry.  Click here for DVD on this subject, too.

B5 $5.00 LUCIFER – ALBERT PIKE – ELIPHAS LEVI – AND THE MASONIC LODGE – Shows the Freemason’s greatest authority, Albert Pike, took his doctrine from the Black Magician, Eliphas Levi.

B6 $5.00 THE PENTAGRAM- FREEMASONRY-AND THE GOAT – Shows how the pentagram is used in Witchcraft, Satanism, and Freemasonry.

B7 $8.00 THE GOLDEN DAWN – by David Carrico – A Graphic Expose’ Reveals the rituals of this hard core occult group that was started by the Freemasons.

B8 $5.00 FREEMASONRY AND THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT – 81 quotes from Masonic books prove the connections.


B10 $5.00 SEMINAR: THE BASIC DOCTRINES OF THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT – Where did it start? Who was involved?



B14 $10.00 THE DARK SIDE OF FREEMASONRY – by Ed Decker – A compilation of chapters written by speakers from the 1993 Leadership Conference including a Chapter written by David Carrico  (Sorry this book is no longer available from us, but is available from Saint’s Alive Ministry as an e-book.)

B15  $12.00 COLLEGE FRATERNITIES – The Secret Society on Campus -This book explores the similarities between Freemasonry and Fraternities in the rituals, handshakes, and also explains the incompatibilities of this fraternal organization and Christianity.  We did a slide presentation Video on this subject at the 2000 Ministry to Masons Conference and we updated that information and wrote a book.  Many people do not know about Greek fraternities connections to the Masonic lodge and also the rituals involved in becoming a member.  There are also many cases of hazing being investigated that were allegedly perpetrated by fraternity brothers upon candidates, along with many other issues such as pornography and rape.  Order the DVD 14 that goes with this book DVD .

Check out our Tracts page to read more about Freemasonry

If you are a Mason and decide to get set free, the demit form below is necessary for you to send to the Lodge to cease being a member.  There are also many ways you need to pray to get spiritual cleansing.  We deal with all of these in our Victims to Victors book.

If your heart has been touched and you wish to resign (demit) from any affiliation with the Masonry organization, Copy or print out and fill out the form below and send to the organization’s office.  Although they may protest, continue to send you materials, or may not even acknowledge your letter, you will officially have broken the physical ties to the lodge.  A copy of your form should be sent to your pastor or a Christian friend you trust.

You will also need to pray for God to forgive you for being disobedient and sinful and also pray to break any soul ties, iniquities, demons, and word curses that may be attached to you by participating in the oaths involved in the rituals.

Seek fellowship in a Bible believing group that takes a stand for the truth in God’s word and acknowledges that Masonry is not compatible with Christianity.

  May God bless you in your decision.


I __________________________________have found that it is no longer possible for me to remain a Freemason and member of _________________________________(Lodge No., Shrine, Scottish Rite, Etc.) _________ and be true to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hereby withdraw my membership from Freemasonry and wish to sever all ties with the organization.

Yours Respectfully,



Date __________________________