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Since Sister Donna collapsed April 26th we have been using our Video capabilities and we have been broadcasting that way but our Auto DJ & Chat Room 24/7still works with older programs previously uploaded and may still be used for some new programs in the future. She is slowly healing and in in Rehab and still needs and apreciates our prayers.

Chat Room will only work if Sister Donna is logged in but you can still listen.

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Please Read Suggested Chat Room Rules Below

If you would like to receive an audio file with our Friday night FOJC Remnant Gathering message, or any other New Programs on other Networks , Send us an Email with “Sign Up” in the Subject line. Each week after I edit the program I upload it to our Podcasts.

Please read below:

Thank you all for listening.  We are glad to have the technology so that you can listen later.  However, we really miss you all in the chat room.  There is nothing like knowing that you have people – a live audience – when you are doing a LIVE program, so that people can ask questions if needed or make comments.

We know people that have the new Windows 10 system and use the built in Windows 10 browser, are having trouble hearing our programs and seeing the chat room.  To fix this problem, a different browser is needed.  I would recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Even though Google is the most popular, it is very intrusive and I have used Mozilla Firefox in the past and am going to change over to it again for several reasons.  Here is the link: Get Mozilla Firefox

The other thing that needs to be done to fix the problem, is that a Plug in is needed to be in stalled.  A Free Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed preferably from the Adobe site., and probably given permission sot that it can be seen after installation, If you get if from other places, you get extra things. Here is the link: Get Adobe Flash Player Hopefully, these are problems that can be easily fixed.  As we see our technology advancing, we will always have some issues with not everything being compatible.

As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed. (10) For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:9-10

We want to be God pleasers, reach non-Christians with the love of Jesus, equip you with the basics you need to live a victorious life through what Jesus did on the cross and offer fellowship through this new adventure. You will be able to chat with other believers all over the world in the chat room.  Please sign up with Chatango with the link at bottom of our Chat Room. This will enable you to participate with other listeners while programs are on live or Auto DJ.  The FOJC Radio broadcast is only on this Radio page if you decide to explore our website you will need to open our site in a new tab.

  1. Our Chat Room is not the place to force your personal convictions on others.  Work out your own salvation with trembling.  Remember, there will be others reading your chats that may not be Christians or share your convictions.
  2. If you use bad language or do not respect others, you may be temporarily or permanently banned from the chat room.
  3. Please be courteous in the Chat Room – Do not use a person’s real name unless they give you permission. Use the names they have on their posts. Also, if you want to let us know about external links, please e-mail them to me. Posting them in the chat room is often a distraction for others and myself from David’s teachings. Thanks for understanding.
  4. During the LIVE broadcasts please limit your chats as many that come here count on the chat room to listen and read the Scriptures. When David is LIVE, we are setting in a LIVE meeting.  We are praying together, studying the Scriptures, and worshiping with Music and words of the Lord together, and fellow-shipping. We have many listeners from foreign countries who do not even have a Bible and our Chat room is the only time they can see passages or listen to the Word of God.  It is not the time to discuss other doctrinal issues. Church is not a building, but it is a group of Remnant people gathering together for a purpose.  Thank you for listening!
  5. David usually does not take many questions during his LIVE teachings.  I try to catch any questions and if they pertain to the lesson, I will try to pass them on to him to answer after the break.
    If you have personal questions, we offer our Email for those questions.  If you try to use this chat room for that purpose, I will delete your posts. This chat is used for our LIVE programming and for other questions concerning our Lessons offered on the Radio.

When you are listening to the Auto DJ, the title of the program “on air now” is listed under the Chat Room.  If you encounter problems, please Email us or call 812-836-2288

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Email us or Call 812-836-2288

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Contact Us! – Our Skype name is: Carricos2 – Call In Phone Number 812-836-2288 (not Skype). When on air LIVE we take phone off the hook, so please leave message with Name and Phone Number so we can return your call.

Auto DJ programming will be interrupted when we have a LIVE program. If the program stops, you may want to Refresh page or even Log out of our web site and then Log in.  If the program you are listening to gets interrupted, and you want to continue to listen to it, try refreshing page, or look for it in the Archives. Contact me and I will tell you where it is located if you can’t find it.  We no longer have the toll free number offered on some of the pre- recorded programs.

Celebrate the Lord’s Supper / Communion Anytime
  • Gather fellow believers here in our Chat Room or just partake alone.
  • Tell everyone to get elements ready.  Leaven free crackers (Carter’s table Crackers or Matza Bread) and fruit of the vine (Grape juice or 2 parts water and 1 part Wine mixed)
  • When everyone is present in the Chat and then Start the Video above to partake together.

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Are we seeing these now, or already seen them?

  1. False Christs
  2.  Wars
  3. Famines
  4. Pestilence and Death
  5. Martyrdom